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Looking for recomendations: Westell 327W replacement


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After slaying one dragon....


....Yet another one shows face.

This time my service frequently drops and my pull in speeds are very erratic.

This whole ordeal without a doubt in my mind is modem/router related. The 327W is nothing but garbage. Produced by a company that goes out of their way to make you aware of there being no tech support coming from them(Westell of course).

I tested 2 of these on 3 different computers on two different lines and the results eventually always end up the same. After the last ordeal I had a Verizon technician come out to check all my wiring which passed.

So now I am looking for a modem/router that won't let me down. One that doesn't produce behind the scenes funny business like random resets.

If any of you could recommend me a replacement for the Westell 327W...I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks ahead of time for your responses/recommendations.

Verizon 3MB package running on XP Home.

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I have 3/768 as well. I don't use the 327W as there are two versions of them. One is assembled in America, the other in China. The Chinese version has bugs galore, lacks WPA support, so forth.

I would recommend using a Westell 6100. You can obtain a replacement modem free from Verizon.  The 6100 is a single port wired router.

Then, if you want wireless, get yourself a Linksys or other common consumer router and enjoy.

You could set it up several ways:

a) DSL Modem/Router set to "BRIGE ONLY" and a secondary router to do PPPoE authentication or

B) DSL Modem/Router set at defaults, with a switch or a wireless router connected to it. If a wireless router, it will draw it's ip from the DSL Modem via DHCP.

I've been using Westells since 1999 and I haven't really had many problems with them, OTHER than the 327w. The 6100 is a nice little router. Add a switch and it's 4 ports. If you want wireless, it's better to use seperate components, as it's impossible to get support for the 327W.

Here's some forums which may help:

http://www.dslreports.com/forum/westell    &  http://www.dslreports.com/forum/ilec,vz

Good luck


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