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VSAT and browsing speeds


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Hi All,

I have found this site from google trying to sort out a problem on Vsat connection. I must admit that is a complete site with lots of articles, tools and good forums. So congratulations to the admins for their hard work in keeping this one running.

So far all my internet connectivity experience has been with fiber optic cables as backbone.

Recently, a friend of mine has called me over to help him identifying what is wrong with his internet.

He has a 1024kb down and not so sure how much up, and his ISP is using VSAT as backbone. Being located in West Africa, contacting the ISP and expecting good level of expertise is a luxury. So need to figure out myself what is happening.

His internet is very erratic. One minute is browsing quite fast, next minute is as slow if not slower than 56k. At the same time the download speeds are quite good, ranging from 12 to 116k...and average around 20k. So at the same time that i'm struggling load up a web page, if i try to download after a file it gives me around 20-30k speed. This is not a pc specific problem, as I'm using my laptop at home, work and my friends internet so if browsing is fine on a 128/64 (with fiber optic backbone) on my laptop, it should be fine for 1024 download on a VSAT backbone.

I was wondering if that is a common problem in VSAT connection...and if yes, what can i do to improve the browsing speeds? I would appreicate it if someone could take me through as to what specific tests and tweaks i have to do for this vsat connection.


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