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Why is my new broadband connection so slow?


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I'm brand new here and need some help. I just got broadband from my Zianet.com server. They use Quest as the provider. The installer put an antenna on our roof and ran a wire into the house, attached it to a small box, and then put a cable in my ethernet port.

I have a brand new eMAC, G4.

My speed started out at 1200 or 1.20 but then it went down to 37 by night time. I called Zianet and the next day the installer came back out but it was running well when he was here. (of course)

I have tried disconnecting the box from the eletrical outlet and reconnecting, I've tried disconnecting my computer and reconnecting to ethernet (this is a PPPoE connection whatever that means) and it ran well for about a week. Last night the speed got down to 27, way below my dial up connection speed of 50. Today it is in the 300 to 400 range but is supposed to be up around 1100 or 1200.

Can anyone tell me what may be the problem? I do not have my firewall on from what I can tell, I don't share this with any other computer, and I have no viral protection on my eMac.

Please can anyone help?



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