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Is there a problem with the speed calculator today?

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Hi Paladin, I'm just 'checking in' here. Not as intensely active here as I was for awhile...sorry you're having probs with the speed test! I'd try it but then again...ya can't push a rope. Since I have Cox Cable HSI I generally check first at their Las Vegas site, which for me, is rather close...may not be helpful to you however. Good, quick and usually reliable.


Don't y'all rush and cause a DOS.  :buck2:

See soon!!! 'mo' :uglystupid2::smiley6600:

Thanks mogramjo.

I just wish this were fixed here as I have no problem

checking speed elswhere.  I have been a member

here for a couple of years now and have never had

this much of a problem before.

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I really don't know why you are having so many problems with the speed test. I haven't had problems for a long time now.

Believe me Coknuck if I could I would fix it.  My

problem started when I suddenly was being shown

google ads for a few days and just suddenly they

went away.  That is when I couldn't go further than

the 2992 test and I never get a results page.  I

think something went haywire with that google

ad deal.  I can turn everything off and it makes no

difference at all.  I test OK elsewhere.

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