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  1. Change the 2.4G to the 5G on the router and you will see a big difference.
  2. It didn't matter, with or without Avast enabled or disabled on my old laptop. Maybe 2-3 Mbps.
  3. Had the same problem, it turned out to be to much noise (noise levels were to high) in the line. They need to get the maintenance crew involved. If you have phone, I bet you loose it all the time!
  4. I will be getting the 200/20. More impressed with the 20 up.
  5. Starting 4/6/16 TWC in the old Insight Kentucky market will be going to the Maxx Service. Here is what you are going to get at no extra cost.
  6. Welcome to the site. It would be nice to know who your provider is.Take some test here so we can see what you are getting! Be sure to clean your cache between download test.
  7. TWC is famous for overloading their nodes. I'll bet your speed loss is in peak times 7pm to 12 midnight. Caused by overloaded nodes with people streaming netflix's and other stuff like that. Like Pgoodwin1 said keep chipping at them and keep asking for you $20 discount like I did. They got tired of giving me discounts and finally moved me to another node, now all is good until they overload this one. Then back to the discounts until they move me again or put in a new node. Just my 2 cents.
  8. coknuck

    Internet TV

    Welcome! You need to give more information. Your post is very vague. Who are you wanting to go with, what packages do the provide ect...
  9. Not totally certain. Thought with the bad snow storms if the ions could be change over an airport it would be practical. I remember in the past it was said they could change weather conditions using this. Fact or fiction, not sure..
  10. Welcome to the Forum!! Envious of your speed paskage!!
  11. Sounds like they send their tech support to the same place Time Warner sends theirs. All Tech Supports are the same. Every once in a while you will get one that know shit from Shinola! Wish you luck!
  12. I get about the same both places. The upload was a little higher than I pay for at DSLReports.
  13. I take it you live in the country and have no other choices? Not to many talk good abut Hughes Net.
  14. I use admin/root privileges. Never had a problem upgrading through the different OS's, just W10. They were movies I put on a external hard drive from disk and converted to .mp4. Don't know why but it did.
  15. After upgrading to W10 I lost permissions to over half my movies. Figured out how the get the permissions back,m but it was a pain and took a long time. Looking around I found this program and it make permissions a snap. Its called "Take Ownership" If you have this problem I highly recommend it! It works with all OS's since Vista! http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/add-take-ownership-to-explorer-right-click-menu-in-vista/
  16. W 10 just did a major update that took almost as long as the first install. Wish M$ would get their shit together and put out an OS that was finished. I know my next laptop will be a Mac. Tired of having my time wasted fixing M$ fuck ups!! Instead of attracting people they are driving them away!! Rant over!!
  17. Just drag the address from the address bar onto your desk top, poof an instant link..
  18. You should clear cache every time you test your download. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windows7/a/command-prompt-windows-7.htm
  19. The TCP Optimizer really has not worked since XP. The newer OS's are self adjusting. Do you clear your cache before each test, it make a difference. Rebooting your modem periodically helps also. I've noticed older computers will not keep up with the higher speeds offered today.
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