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Your hughs modem only has 1 output....so if your only hooking up 1 computer then that is a true statement...

However if you are planning to use 2 or more computers...then each computer must have a wireless adapter plugged into it and then they need diffrent addresses to talk to the router.

I have 4 computers hooked to my 6000....3 are in the same room and run through a switch....and 1 is upstairs and runs through a wireless router....my 12 yr old hooked that one up..so it can't be too tough...lol

The router you buy will have simple instructions with it...but usually only comes with a single adapter for 1 computer...so you'll either need another adapter ..or a switch and cable... :wink:

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Is it true that wireless routers are slower than hard wired?

Yes wireless routers are slower than cabled connections.....however....we have Hughs...so that is really not an issue for us..even our best connection is a nonplayer where routers are concerned...lol

If you had a 15 meg FIOS connection....you would notice it...but at 1 meg....the router is still 10 times faster that our connection... :undecided:

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Yes all 3 computers can be using at once.....my suggestion if you thinking of Linksys is a WRT54G this offers wireless and 4LAN ports for hardwired too. You can set this up right out if the box will work fine.....or config with DHCP off. Its all a matter of what works best for you. Mine is configured as a switch (DHCP off). Performance is the same for me on the hardwired desktop or the laptop on wireless.

You will have to buy wireless adapters unless for example your laptop already has one for the wireless connection. The router itself (WRT54G) will run about $50 at Walmart.  :cool2:

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