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Wireless in openSuSE 10.2 : 802.11 with ndiswrapper


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For this guide we are going to be working on wireless networking in openSuSE 10.2.  As more and more people try out the Linux world the support has become better and better.  However, it still lags behind in out of the box functionality.  The main reason is the vast number of chipsets used by manufactures in their products. 

[color=red]Disclaimer: [/color] [b]testmy.net and its mods are not responsible for any damage to hardware, software, systems, or bodily harm if you decided to attempt this.  I strongly recommend that you attempt this only if you are confident in your computer skills and have some time to troubleshoot.



What will be covered in this guide:

  • Wireless using ndiswrapper
  • Audio

A few notes before we begin

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