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Running Programs from winRar


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i keep alot of music, games, and software stored away in .rar files on my computer and i was wondering if there was a way to run these files from the .rar file without having to extract everything all the time.

Or if you could suggest an alternate way to archive files to do so or a whole diff program that would be greatttttttt...


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Depending on your setup. I myself partitioned one of my 2 harddrives and use that partiion to hold my backup files and things. I allowed for 30 gig and it seems to work well.  I keep to folders on that partion. One for my games and stuff, and one for backup. I also keep on hand 2 dvd's that can be erased and written over. I keep the backup folder up to date of stuff I really don't wanna loose. Then from time to time i burn it to dvd. I have a 2 seperate dvd's of the same backup. A backup of my backup as it were. That way if my hard drive or whatever goes bad Im coverd.  After loosing my stuff a time or 2 due to harddrive issues or whatever I have become a backup freak.  :haha: 

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Ooops There ya are. I was looking for you in the help section. My bad. Not sure what the mods wanna do about this mistake of mine. Sorry. Not intentional.

How big is your hardrive. How many harddrives do you have? What operating system do you have.  There are several ways to go about it. There are 3rd party programs, I like "partion magic".  You can do it through xp as well. Through xp may be a bit complicated. I am not sure of your skill level and how confortable you are tackling this task.

So lets start with the basics. Let me know how many harddrives you have, what operating system you have, How big are your hardrives.

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im not sure what mistake you made but its alright..... ill give you some of my stats though

37.2 gig harddrive.... only one

Using windows vista (hoping to go back to windows 98 soon)

Im pretty good with computers....sorta.....lets just say i know a lil about alot.  I have a general idea about how to use and what certain things do but im working on that by joining here.

let me know if you need to know anything else

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