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AOL and Netgear DG834G and the DG834GT

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I have A friend on AOL9 (dont' laugh)

But he is having a problem trying to set up his WiFI connection between His laptop and router

Laptop is Vista, Desktop is XP which works fine

both are WIFI compatiable but desktop using RJ45

AOL have said that their Broadband connection is not WiFI compatible with Vista

any body having the same problem and if so have you managed to cure it

if so How ?

As you can see we have tried both sorts of router as i Have The GT and he has the G

Connection from DG845G is via Ethernet from modem to PC

DG845GT is connected to modem then to PC all by ethernet

Any Ideas we can try

Thanks in advance

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I hate AOL as much as the next guy but I promise to try and help and not AOL bash.

First is the router setup for DHCP?

Second unplug the ethernet cable and as silly as it sounds make sure that the WIFI adapter is on on the laptop.

Third from the desktop turn off all encryption WEP WPA etc from within the router  (for Now we will turn them on later ) and make sure your SSID is visible

Fourth make sure that there is not MAC address filtering enabled on the router

Fifth restart the computer

Sixth scan for wireless networks and try to connect to yours If you connect try step 7

Seventh disable the wired Ethernet adapter this will make certain that AOL tries to use the WIFI

Eighth Have AOL rescan for available ways to connect it should pick up that you have broadband

I hope this helps if not PM me and Ill do my best I have a dual boot lappy with Vista and XP and ill install aol to help if i have to it needs a format anyway

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