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HELP! My internet is running unbelievably slow

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Hey everyone,

I have a problem.  I have a 5000 kbps D/ 768 kbps U connection but download speed on this computer fluctuates between 760 and 1400 kbps with a steady upload of about 470 kbps.  However, another computer on my home network gets 4800 kbps/ 750 kbps.  I have no firewall enabled on this computer (hardware or software) and both computers are coming out of the same router.  I talked to tech support at my ISP and when pinging my modem alone they get a ping of 40 ms, but when I plug this computer directly into the modem they get a ping of 160 ms.  I don't have any superfluous applications running nor do I have any viruses/trojans/spyware running in memory.  I have used an IP traffic monitor to see if some application is robbing me of bandwidth, but no programs are using my internet protocol that I don't know about.  I tried using cablenut tweaks with no result.  Does this mean I need a new network card?  I haven't a clue. 

PS this is a recent occurence.

Thank you in advanced!

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i was told a while back when i had a similar issue that there are differences in that speed. Such as, with my 1mbps WildBlue, my download speeds are 100% at 128kbps. So if you are downloading 4800kbps on a 5000kbps, i'd say that is outragous! 5000kbps means 5000kilo-bits per second, and a download speed of 1400kbps means 1400kilo-bytes per second. Bytes are bigger than Bits. Also, the 5000kbps connection you speak of is probably your Downstream, not necessarily your Download speed. It could be your network card. What brand and speed is your router and Network cards in BOTH computers?

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