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Network-Card Problem


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I just recently changed my DSL to Cable internet, then my nightmares


Charter Cable Internet with brand new Motorolla SURFboard modem

I have 3 computers at home (1 laptop and 2 desktop) for different


all 3 computers are running on XP

all 3 computers were able to connect via my old DSL

I dont have a router, just 1 cable from cable modem

I connected the cable to my laptop, it was fine, I can get online at

proper speed

I unplug the cable and plug into my desktop, everything looks fine,

internet was detected; but it doesnt work, no data was sent out

I tried my other desktop, same thing

I then tried my laptop (cable plug in, not wireless), its perfectly fine

I tried the above several times, so I know the Cable is fine, but

something is wrong with my network card configuration

I uninstall, reinstall the drivers for network cards, still no luck

I did the RUN-CMD-IPCONFIG, it looks fine

I did the RUN-CMD-PING, no connection

I call the cable company for DNS, and manually key in the numbers;

still doesnt work

I set it at auto detect IP/DNS; still doesnt work

I format the hard drive, and reinstall the system, and repeat the above

many times, still doesnt work.....

please help.....  :cry:

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Did you have to activate the internet on your Laptop.. Most of the time ISPs assign an IP to one MAC address.. Since your laptop was the first pc to be hooked up to the modem.. my guess would be that the ISP is using that MAC address.  I would invest in a router so that all of your PCs can get on at once.  If you want to keep it the way that it currently is.. try power cycling the modem before you hook it up to the next computer.

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