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Guest ExtremeFusion

I have this intel pentium 4 board before with 845PE Chipsets...

And after three years my mobo broke down..

So I went to GILMORE to look for a replacement...

I got an ECS P4VXASD2+ V5.0 mobo...

The funny thing is, i don't know what's the problem with it...

Because when I Plug a usb device particularly a flash drive to its onboard usb port..

The result would be any of the following..

The computer restarts.

The Computer and Mouse pointer hangs...

When I read a file or transfer a file from/to the flash drive, Windows XP PRO SP2(my installed OS)

silently ejects the flash disk and I will have an error "Windows delayed write failed".. something like that...

So when I check the flash disk properties it says

Used Space: 0 bytes

Free Space: 0 bytes

This 0 bytes thingy happen only when you eject the flash disk from the computer which is what my system is doing without my intervention...

So I thought buying a usb pci card adaptor would solve the problem..

Guess what?

It didn't it just showed the same problem I was having before..

So i scan the pc for viruses and spywares, worms, etc..

But the anti-virus program didn't find any...

But it did says that there are changes in my MBR(master boot record)

and some system files..

To my thinking these changes in the system files could be the result of my regular updates with microsoft...

(Am i right or Am I wrong?)

So The next thing i did to be sure, is that I WIPED my hard disk as in Total DIsk Wipe with no means of recovering any data regardless wether you use an advance recovery software..

I did that so I can start really clean with my installation..

But after I'm finished installing all the necessary software even the OS, I still have the same problem..

And when I install Older Version of Norton it's auto protect feature is always block or not running from windows auto start up which should naturally be enabled when the windows starts..

Then my last resort was to update my bios (flash it, in other terms)..

But then again it didn't solve the problem..

What Could be triggering this kind of error? Could it be the mobo?

But when I checked msinfo32.exe and devmgmt.msc there is no conflict with my drivers and hardwares?!

Oh by the way, I can use the flash disk with my computer without the computer restarting or hanging IF and ONLY IF i was in SAFE MODE...

But to think I really don't have any device problems and driver problems so why did my flash disk and computer be working properly only in safe mode..and not in normal mode if I don't have device/driver conflicts?!

Pretty Confusing  huh?!

Guys, people of the cyberspace community,

Computer Geniuses, please help me!!!!

Thanks and your suggestion will be pretty much appreciated..

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