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3D Mark Is this good!!!?


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    Well Vanburen I have no Idea!!! I got my video card for 75 dollars I was told it was a stripped dwon version of the 9600 since it is a 9550 not sure!!! Also I also thought I had a very crap card right after I got it because my games were skipping at the beginning and I tried to play Need For Speed Underground 2 and it skip also and it sucked!!! But that was back when I had only 256mb ram and windows was using almost all or all of it!!! Now I bought 512 more and my games run very nice no skips!!! That ram helped alot!!! So are those results bad don't know!!! I can play doom 3 on high and all my other games I think!!!

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well you need to decide yourself if its good or not

most games need atleast 30 FPS to be playable, and 60 is very good for new games like Far Cry

download Fraps and leave it running in background and you will see what fps you have

also you can record movies with it and make in game screenshots


VanBuren :)

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It is fine...  200x4 pipes on the P4 =800.. My guess is that 3dmark doesnt see the other 3 pipes...

This is the best way to explain it..

Example: There are two versions of the Intel 2.4 GHz Pentium 4. One get a clock speed from the mainboard of 100 MHz, but since it transfers data 4 times per clock tick its "Font Side Bus" (FSB) to memory and I/O is said to be four times the clock or 400 MHz. Internally the CPU has a "multiplier" of 24, meaning the external clock is divided into 24 periods to produce the 2.4 GHz value. A slightly more modern version of P4 gets a 133 MHz clock, has a 533 MHz Front Side Bus and has a multiplier of 18. The equivalent AMD Athlon XP 2400+ gets a clock of 133 MHz, has a Front Side Bus twice that at 266 MHz, and an internal multiplier of 15. That gives it an internal speed of 2.0 GHz, but since it executes more instructions per internal clock tick it is rated to be equivalent to Intel's 2.4 GHz.

Chip Type  Actual Clock  Bits/Clock  FSB  Multiplier  Speed

Pentium 4 2.4   100 MHz   4       400 MHz    24   2.4 GHz

Pentium 4 2.4A 133 MHz 4     533 MHz       18 2.4 GHz

Athlon XP 2400 133 MHz 2     266 MHz       15 2.0 GHz

Hope that helps a little bit..

As far as the 9550 goes.. it as a decent card.. It is NOT a stripped down version!!!  The only difference between it and the 9600 standard is the Fab process used and the clock speed of the gpu.. other than that they are identical..  If you want an upgrade I would recommend the Nvidia 6800 series..  That would be a big enough jump that you would see the difference.. You would see the difference between the 9550 and the 9800 series but the price is still to high compaired to the improvement.. 

One other think.. You are not running the most up to date drivers.. that is what you are running.. that is the newest driver.. You also might want to try omegadrivers.net!! They have a 3rd party driver that works really and most of the time produces faster results..

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