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compatible processors for my p5pl2-e motherboard

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hi all

Iv recently bort a motherboard and CPU but dont seem to work im not sure if there even compatible can anyone help me please. If this CPU dose not work in this board then what dose lol i h8 Intel :knuppel2:




CPU Socket 775 for Intel Prescott/Smithfield/Cedermill/Presler/Conroe/CPU

Support [email protected] next generation 65nm(both Single & Dual Core) CPU

Support [email protected] EM64T/EIST/Hyper-Threading Technology


Intel Celeron D Processor 347, LGA775


LGA775 Pkg 3.06 GHz, 512KB Cach, 533 MHz FSB, UP only Requires Platform Compatibility Guide 05A Board

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thanks im guessing its the ram then, could you tell me if these will work woth my setup?

1GB 400/533/667/800MHz 240-PIN DDR2 DIMM RAM

Item Specifications:   

Size:    1GB 

Type:    DDR2 PC2-6400 DDR2-800

Manufacturer:    ATA

Part Number:    ATA1GB800

Feature:    non-ECC, unbuffered

FSB/Speed:    800MHz

Pins:    240

Cas Latency:    6

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