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Download/Connection Speed Problem...


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Hi, i am new here and i hope to learn alot from the looks of things around here  :azn:

Ok, i have a problem, or at least i think - i have recently encountered a problem with my download speed, i went on speedtest.net and did a test about a month ago, the results were fine for me to mess around on the computer and such, i had around 990kbps for the download speed and around 700kbps for the upload speed, my ping was 37ms although i did a test about a week ago (in the same conditions) and my download speed has decreased alot and is around 300kbps, and the upload speed was around 250kbps, and the ping is now about 200ms.

This annoyed me alot because i usually play bf2 which requires a ping like the one i had before (37ms), but now i can't play it properly because of this problem - what skould i do? can someone help me?

I would like to get this solved  :icon_pale:

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