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Changing from DDR2 PC533 to PC800 RAM, is it possible/advisable?


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Hi! I hope someone here could help me: I have 2x 512MB PC533 RAM currently installed on my PC, I want to upgrade memory to 2 Gig (2x1Gig). I could get a pretty good/cheap deal for a Samsung DDR2 PC800 for only Php1000. or roughly $20. 4200 MB/sec is the speed supported by my computer, my question is, would my computer benefit from using PC800 which supposedly more compatible if my computer uses PC533... or do I have to stick with Math and buy a more expensive Kingston PC533? Please advice... Thanks in advance.

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Guest ExtremeFusion

Hi Buesero28

In the first place what is the model of your MOBO so we could get a detailed look of how ram will perform in your pc?

In most cases or at all cases if i am not wrong RAM which operates beyond your MOBO can support..

will not operate at their maximum..

Example if your MOBO only supports PC533 RAM and you install PC800 RAM.. the performance of the PC800 RAM will go down to PC533.. You may have the capacity of 2 GIG PC800 RAM but have only the speed of PC533..

In other case, if your MOBO supports PC800.. but in an example scenario..

You installed 1 PC533 and 1 PC800, the RAM will operate only in PC533 speeds.. Why?

Even if you have PC800 RAM the PC533 RAM cannot cope up with the speed of the PC800, so what the PC800 will do is "lower" its performance as to PC533.. so both can operate at the same speed.

I don't want to get to technical here, I get lost when technical terms are present...

and lastly can your MOBO support 2 GIG of RAM?

IF you go beyond the capacity of your MOBO, chances are that your pc will not boot properly.. or it may boot but constantly restarts itself..

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Thanks for the response ExtremeFusion  :smiley: so I guess I really have to shell out a li'l bit of cash for 2x PC533 so I won't worry for any technical problems just trying to save about Php600  :grin: thanks for clearing this out... BTW, my mobo can support 2 Gig of RAM I have a 945GCT HP mobo Livermore. I'm off to pc store now  :azn:...Thanks again  :wink:

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