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Will setting my screen resolution to high effect games one way or another?? I ask cause I am used to running 1024x768. I got myself a new monitor. Its a 22 inch. Now It wants me to run it at 1680x1050. I hate that setting. Makes icons to tiny even set with "use large icons. I finally settled on 1280x960. I really like that setting. Kinda not to big, not to small thing. Only thing is will running 1280x960 effect games like cod4.I am running gforce  8600 gt.

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It will just work the video card harder. Some people will lower the resolution so they can turn up the eye candy  and make the game go faster because the have older video cards like me that cannot handled the new games. I just bought a new 24 inch display that runs at 1920 x 1200 , I use firefox as my browsers,I just went into Tool/ Option/ Content / advanced in the Fonts & Color section and raise the two sizes and the minimum fonts size up to 15 so my old tied eye can read the text. They say that the display woks it best at the native resolution,but you can run it at what ever resolution that you want.

Edit- You should be able to set the resolution that you want the game to run at in the option or setting section in the  game

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