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Hey guys, i'm obviously new. Today earlier I was researching my internet speed and how to make it faster. I am an A+ and network + certified tech. However I recently put vista ultimate on my pc's. Whole new ball game btw! Anyways I was on speedguide.net and they don't really know much about vista. Here I was interested in some posts and went and downloaded cable nut and stared applying many different configurations. I was only running a 4mb connection VIA wideopenwest.com Local ISP in MI. Then I thought hey why not call them and try to get something for free, heck i'm good at it. So long story short, i'm paying $4 less a month now and getting a 6meg connection. Thought hey thats kinda cool. All in a phone call talking about another ISP's speed and price. Now I need to learn wich settings are best for this cable nut. I'm looking forwrd to seeing what kind of things I can learn here.

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