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A couple of questions about FiOS


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I know it's fast and cheaper than what Comcrap is offering, and they are installing the fiber optic wires as we speak to my building.

I've thought about switching already, but I have a few things to ask you guys:

1. Do I HAVE to use THEIR router, or can I use the one I already have? (In their "policy" section on their site, they said :

"    * Can I use my High Speed Internet Modem, Router, or Cable Modem with my Verizon FiOS Internet Service?

No. At this time you need to use the broadband routers provided by Verizon that have been approved to work specifically with Verizon FiOS Internet Service. These routers contain special diagnostic software that can help us troubleshoot and correct problems should you experience trouble with your Internet connection.")

2. If the answer to #1 is an absolute YES, then what kind of router (don't be generic, obviously a wireless one) would they provide?

3. Would they provide a router and a modem for FiOS, or a modem/router hybrid (gateway)?

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There is no modem unless your in an apartment building and they might not put an ONT in every apartment and use modems instead with VDSL.  In a house they install an ONT then it goes right to the router and it depends on if they install coaxial cable or cat 5 if you can use your own router or not.  If you get TV service then you have to use there router and if you get internet only then you can have it installed as cat 5 and use your own router.

the router they game me was the MI424WR


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Btw, a few more questions:

Does the proprietary router have port forwarding options? (if so, is it effective/good)?

Does Verizon assign IP addresses for FiOS based upon the router's MAC address like Comcast does?

Does the router allow you to "change the MAC address"? (MAC cloning)

This router has more features than most routers does and it has MAC cloning  and the port forwarding is good as well. Assigning IP's might be a bit different because You have to release the IP from the Actiontec 1st before you can hook up another device.

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So you're saying, to "change the WAN IP", one will basically have to "change the MAC address", then apply, and release + renew the IP on the router?

For Comcast, I personally follow this proceedure to change the WAN IP (yes, global IP):

1. Unplug cable modem from a/c adapter (Motorola SB 5120)

2. Change MAC address on the router

3. Apply and wait for router to reboot

4. Plug the modem's a/c adapter back.

5. Wait for modem to boot up.

6. Enjoy new IP.

Would it be like this on FiOS too?

Btw, good to know that Port Forwarding works well on that router though :)

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