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Howdy folks, I'm plugging a USB 2.0 audio recorder into my motherboard which says "Certified High Speed USB", which is also usb 2.0 capable.  My hard drive can write at speeds faster then 40MB/sec.  The secure digital card I'm using is 133x or 20Mbyte/sec.  So my 700Mbyte wave file should be transfered in half a minute, But it takes 6 minutes or about 1-2Mbyte/sec.  I just got VIA USB drivers and their certified usb 2.0 by microsoft.  I also set the recorder to performance mode which enables write caching of the hard drive.  All the hardware supports usb 2.0, but its running at about the usb 1.0 speed of 1.5MB/sec.  I need to transfer 2GB a week over this usb and I don't want to do it at 1MB per second... 

I welcome your suggestions.

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