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  1. I won't be gpu folding until the nights drop below 70 sorry, 21 Celsius. But I am running my new i3 2100 for half the day and it appears I'm getting early return bonus points on uni-core projects (32 day deadline: completed in 8 days). For example 380 point per day base. 1300 ppd after bonus if running 24/7. 500 ppd If its only running half the day. Php running 6 clients in past week.
  2. Yes the data being sent is essentially wrapped in a package which has the recipients address and the "cardboard" package has weight in addition to the weight of the contents, But I was really expecting something like 10% overhead 90% data and not 40% overhead with 60% data. Between March and June 2012 my ISP changed from "RR" to "Roadrunner" and somewhere around that time I noticed the pause at the beginning of every upload test. You are correct that net-limiter is just a ballpark figure. When using it I saw something I could not explain. 5.8 MB upload transferred 10.2 MB 30 MB download transferred 25MB Thanks for your input guys.
  3. :::.. Upload Test Results ..::: Upload Connection:: 521 Kbps or 0.5 Mbps Upload Test Size:: 5.8 MB or 5983 kB or 6126840 bytes Upload Speed:: 65 kB/s Tested At:: http://TestMy.net version:12 Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/db/s2uf1Px Test Time:: 2012-08-01 09:53:10 Local Time 1MB Upload in 15.75 Seconds - 1GB Upload in ~4 Hours - 9X faster than 56K This test of exactly 5983 kB took 91.951 seconds to complete Running at 52% of hosts average (Road Runner) But netlimiter reports that i transfered not 5.8MB but 10.2MB in the 92 second test! How can this be? I tested twice and both times the 5.8MB test transfered around 10MB.
  4. Shutdown Win XP if your screen or mouse dies: WindowKey + U + U Shutdown Win7: WindowKey + right arrow + enter Turn off the bloody overwrite to make the cursor stop eating your research paper : insert key
  5. I don't know why but testmy Central USA is horridly slow for me. My results. Any suggestion are welcome. Central USA: 1mbps East USA: 5mbps West USA >10mbps Ok my upload tests are consistent at 500kbps out of my advertised 1mbps. On every upload test, it starts, 1-2 seconds of no transfer, followed by stable speeds. So I would expect +80% efficiency. But I no its 50% of my capacity over and over. Only once in 7 months have I exceeded 60% of advertised upload on testmy.net yet youtube, steam, and email uploads all hit 1mbps. A 5.8 MB upload took 92 seconds. For more then 85 of those seconds task manager said transfer rate was around 1mbps. Yet my upload result was 519kbps. How in the world can task manager report 1mb/s for over 85 seconds yet testmy reports 519kbps average for 92 seconds. I don't flipping get it! help mez Images are of a 2 second pause captured by task manager followed by stable 1mb/s. And 1 second pause captured by netlimiter followed by stable 120kByte/sec.
  6. Is this the RenderDrive? So its like proprietary top of the line ancient technology? Ebrown did you get 2 gpu's on one motherboard or two? I also notice that sometimes the 5700pt gpu projects slow the computer so much that I type words twice as fast as they appear. Concerning weather.. stanford has seen donors drop by a small amount during the summer for each of the past five? years. I have less access to the fast computer when my bro is home for the summer so that means less production. On the other computer, my 6800gt video ram died resulting in neon rainbow pixels on the windows login screen. Since my dad and I share the computer and he wants ultra stable and low power, I will be building a new computer out of an i3 2100 (50watts) and an ati 7750 (also 50w). It should be 3 times faster then my Pentium 4 in single threaded apps while using half the electricity.
  7. Is it a problem with the linux virtual machine that is getting work but not returning the results? Or Is it a problem with the folding client itself? Does the FAHlog.txt tell you that the jobs are failing to finish or that when they do finish, do they fail to upload? Using your PS3 for something other then mind mush, lol I like it
  8. For the month of April 2012 I was given access to the HP cloud free private beta. The two primary services that will be offered at the public release are data storage and computing power for an hourly fee. Now I heard rumors of people folding on the HP cloud and I was very interested. So after a few days of waiting for a response from HP I found a "you've been accepted" message in my mailbox. My first Linux server took 5 hours to setup. Essentially I had to learn the tools before using the tools. With practice my 5th server only took 10 minutes to get running. It was my goal to learn, find problems, fix problems, then report my results here so you all can also run servers on the HP cloud. Well... as was said before, time flys. When I was comfortable that my servers were stable and I could post here to share the word of temporary free computer power, it was no longer free. The open beta starts May 10th 2012 at half price for all services. Here is what I was running: 20 Servers of the following: Dual core, 2GB ram, 60GB hd, with various Linux distributions. Price in free beta: $0.00 If I continued 20x: Dual core, 2GB ram, 60GB hd. Cost in half price open beta: $0.04 per server = $19.20 / day The "HP Cloud Object Storage" is going to start at $0.06 per GB per month during the half price beta. In summary I learned a lot about the Linux command line, SSH, and now feel comfortable in the terminal window. Science was benefited with over 500 folding at home projects completed on twenty dual cores in one months time. I had fun and I hope you enjoy the following screen shots. Folding with HP cloud.bmp 20 HPcloud dualCores.bmp
  9. Um, this assumes that the area around your computer is lit. Will it even work in a room where the brightest thing is the computer monitor? Does it require direct light or is ambient light enough? Those solar powered calculators worked in any room with a window. Seriously what did it cost in time, money, and resources to make the solar cells and is it "better" then the 2-8 batteries per year you guys are guesstimating? I would rather have a wireless non-battery powered mouse then a wireless non-battery powered keyboard, but it sounds a little more challenging. tdawnaz, nice point! Using solar to power a laptop at your local park sounds great. If it works under a shady tree I'm for it. Solar panels around 16 square feet produce 150-250 watts. If a single square foot could produce 12 watts, a solar and battery laptop (in full sun lol) could at least provide some of the required power lengthening the battery life at the expense of a sunburn. My conclusion: It sounds part gimmick, part science experiment. Changing batteries isn't much of an issue, disposing of the chemicals inside the batteries is. If your that electricity conscious spend a couple thousand dollars on bunch of solar panels, install them on your sun facing roof then let the next 30 years of no electricity bill offset that large initial investment. The Prior comments are from a resident of San Diego, home to 146 sunny days per year and a summer drought every summer. Sun Map
  10. Mmm... Le_Murphant's results look strange. Either its a glitch or hes failing 2 work units per minute. He hasn't been on the site since 2011 and I don't see any contact info to ask/inform him. http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=487374 I have returned to the console clients as they give more control then version 7 GUI. Buntz: over 400k points in Jan 2012 Nice.
  11. Would the solid state drive help the windows page file? Why Samsung says you need a SSD. 2 GTX 580's would give you the option to fold on the better cooled card while gaming on the other. A single 580 would let you play most 2011 games on highesh settings. Um in the past sli had to be disabled. But it appears that nvidia created drivers allowing us to fold SLI enabled, with 2 clients on 2 cards. Tomshardware GPU charts 3D Guru gtx 580
  12. Nice to see you've done your home work Ryan. Yes Ati's cards give better game performance per watt then nvidia's. IF your encoding tool uses 12 threads that's only 25% more then the 2600k while costing hundreds more. Are the programs your going to use compatible with 12 threads? As you most likely know games prefer cpu frequency to cpu threads. Also the coming launch of a Radeon 7970 might change the prices of the Radeon 6990. Tomshardware said: I already answered your ati vs nvidia folding question on the folding page.
  13. The best one stop shop that i can think of for "which is better" type questions would be Tom's Hardware Charts. They also do: "Whats the best computer for $1,200?" "What's the best for 2,400?" I feel like the fastest costs twice as much as the second fastest. Um, Ryan is this a gaming machine? work machine? Can you use 12 threads other then folding? 5% discount wouldn't even cover sales tax here Check the link and good luck.
  14. To View your past results go to folding.extremeoverclocking There are third party tools like HFM and FahMon that look into your log file and calculate your ppd. ( list here ) Client version 7 has an estimated ppd build in, although mine is not even remotely accurate at start up. Or you can simply do workValue divided by days to complete.
  15. Sweet, I bet two thirds of that 5k was early return points.( Bonus Point Calc ) Huzza! Do any of your guys' machines throw off a lot of heat? I got a Pentium 4 which i don't fold on that heats the room more in 2 hours then my newer computer does in a day. California 40 degree mornings and 70 degree days this week mean heat isn't a bad thing though. Stanford did mention that folding machines are turned off in the summer months. Just wondering.
  16. RyanS, I do not see you on the team's page. Are you folding for team 44352? Nine-hundred points per day is what you should see if its working RyanS. PS3 FAQ If your still interested, On another note my last two units were the smallest and largest smp units I have received. Project 8004: 89 points, TPF 0:01:26 = 0.1 days Project 7809: 1722 points, TPF 0:18:53 = 1.3 days
  17. Now hey Mud you can't say last years video card is worth less for folding. Its been 3 years since the 8800gt supported cuda code. Anything older then that is worthless for folding ... But I do feal your pain I got a 766mhz celeron and a 4mb video card in my closet. Does any one remember the old video games that said on the box "hard drive required"? How about "Full throttle graphics go all out at a teeth-rattling 60 frames and 300,000 polygons per second!" ...3dmark 06 (and crysis) did one million triangles per frame. Is there a difference between 3930k (12 thread) and a 980x (12 thread)? The 980x (12 thread) is a little faster then the 2600k (8 thread). If the added threads increase performance by 23% and that increases point return by 60% is it worth double the price and nearly double the power consumption? (source SMP database) I Don't know, google folding on 3930k The Radeon 6990 mmm... gaming is a whole different ballgame but folding on 6990 I would push you away from. Stanford Said: Bit-Tech Said: Compare these gpu only numbers to my prior post of i7 entire system power consumption. A i7 2600k can easily exceed 180 points per watt while a Radeon 6990 is closer to 19 points per watt. Unless you want to heat your home with gpus. I think Atlasfolder has a warehouse.
  18. Gpu Install Guide said: I think that means if your gpu is old enough to have vertex and pixel shaders its too old to fold. see Unified Shader Model Well RyanS, you got the console clients: no nonsence, simple, text commands. Or the version 7 gui which is alot more beginner friendly but perhaps less guru precise. Which client do you need? Look here High Performace Clients: gpu and multi-core. I have heard that some of the best point per watt values come from the 32 nm sandy bridges with no video card. (also, when using the same hardware, linux outperforms windows ) BUT once the 16 thread minimum requirement for big advanced units is enforced they (sandy bridge) would "only" get 10-20k points per day on smp. O wow, this says that so many people switched from smp to bigadv that there is a back log of smp jobs. At least HP is helping although they might just be testing their cloud, cough, of 600 cpus. At any case you need to consider the combined cost of all your system components. (LGA 2011 mobo cost about $100 more then LGA 1366 mobo) Do not take the following as truth, but only as estimates. i7 980x _____________ system load 230 watts ____34k ppd __ $600 cpu i7 2600k ____________ system load 128 watts ___ 21k ppd ___+$300 cpu ( table and graph here! ) i7 2600k and GTX 570 _ system 300-400? watts __ 36k ppd ___+$660 cpu and gpu AMD Phenon x6 ______ system load 185 watts ___ 12k ppd ___$180 cpu THE DATABASE OF SMP Folding Forums i7 2600k Jan 2011 i7 Folding review Folding Forums Phenom x6 <-- nice graph speed verse efficiency Nvidia Power Consumption Radeon Folding, blast I'm out of time but nvidia cuda outperforms radeon... what ever its called. Got to go, good luck, hasta la vista. Good golly I hope you can get something out of my 3 hours of research.
  19. Lorne you did 70k points in a week? Nicely done. Wow your consistent Buntz. My 8600gt was failing at stock clocks so i gave up on it. EBrown how ya doing?
  20. You paint skills can be zero just don't go loosing an intelligence level on us. Well I'm glad your 9800gt is stable EBrown, my 8600gt failed work units more often then it completed them. Dang Buntz is that your 6950 doing 300 points per hour? That is mighty consistent.
  21. The smp console client with the -smp flag will get multicore WUs on next job assignment. Using the "-smp" flag on non smp client has no effect. Awesome, EBrown is on the board. Lorne, perhaps if you cropped the rankings photo it would be easier to read, just a thought. Nice Job Team.
  22. O your getting GPU2 Jobs. There are people with lots of cheap cards like 8600gt's that crank out those results. Potentially good point per dollar. I often get the same project. Over a few months I only got about 8 different projects. Now... I don't know what everything on this page means but If you got the server IP which assigned you the work unit you can look at the Server Status Page to see how many jobs are left. For example server 33 has 130,000 GPU workunits available. The "-smp" flag will launch 4 threads, if you have 4 physical cores then your off and running. If its a hyper threaded processor there is debate on the best solution. Project 5766: Same protein, different variables. Symmetric Multi-processing: SMP FAQ SMP Install Console Flags
  23. Cheers EBrown, unless you got a small job I would estimate you got a 400 or 500 series gtx. Some of the big (multi-core) smp jobs require half a GB of memory per core. So unless you got a multi-socketed board your not going to use 16GB ram Mmm, used server market, interesting. I guess there is some folding potential in a site that caters to computer geeks users. Well I'm glad mud was able to answer your questions.
  24. Mud, would Linux 64-bit SMP2 client work for you? Client Choices Only smp clients qualify for early bonus. If your running phenom with "big jobs" allowed you might get a unit that takes twice as long but is worth more then twice the points as the increased memory/hard disk/network usage is proportional to an increased value. Version 7 client is settling down and chugging away. I think I installed "for all users" which stored the data in a different file folder instead of under my windows documents. Sigh, its still reporting a very exaggerated 100,000 ppd until it has more progress to take the average of. Dang Lorne nice job, my sources tell me your running 4 clients. Whats under your hood?
  25. I also was amazed to see my 6 inch 8600gt replaced by a 10 inch asus 460gtx. Keep food and drink away from that machine.. lol Now i see the beer.
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