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  1. I got this little program called "NetLimiter 2 Monitor" to check my internet usage in case I ever got put on a monthly limit. In 2009 I downloaded 55 GBs and in 2010 40 GBs. I average 4 GB a month but that does not include the other computers/users in the house.
  2. Calfornia to www.BBC.com = average of 153ms California to Hong Kong, hk.asus.com = 12-194ms ?! California to Brazilian Newspaper, www.agora.uol.com.br = avg 207 ms I wanted to try the United Arab Emirates http://www.burjkhalifa.ae/ but couldn't get a ping through even to the department of Dubai tourism hehe.
  3. My theory: Utorrent reports speeds in Bytes per second while Comcast reports speeds in Bits per second. ISPs like using bigger numbers while trying to sell you stuff Since there are 8 bits in a byte utorrent transfering at 1.5Mbyte/sec = 12Mbit/sec. Your connection is rated at 20Mbit/sec or 2.5Mbyte per second. So if my theory is correct then utorrent is using 12 of 20 Mbit/sec or 60% of advertised capacity. If Utorrent maxes out your upload then the requests for data leaving your computer get stuck in "traffic" and as a result your download speeds come crashing down. Have you set your upload limit at 80% of your 2Mbit/sec connection? (1.6Mbit or 200Kbytes) Also, how many people are you connecting to on utorrent? You might need 200-500+ people to reach your capacity. My Suggestions: limit utorrent to 80% of your advertised 20/2 comcast connection. Set download limit to 2000 Kbyte/sec and upload limit to 200kbyte/sec. Play with "global max connections" (100-1000) start low and slowly increase until problems develop then step down. Here is some recommended GeekSpeak on data rate for ya https://testmy.net/tools/conversion_table.php
  4. Is it possible to change the RWIN of google chrome? Both internet explorer and firefox use the 256960 (MSS * 44 * 2^2) which I set but chrome uses its own RWIN of 65536 for some reason. « SpeedGuide.net TCP Analyzer Results » Tested on: 05.31.2011 17:22 IP address: 76.176.xxx.xxx Client OS: Windows XP TCP options string: 020405b40103030101010402 MSS: 1460 MTU: 1500 TCP Window: 65536 (NOT multiple of MSS) RWIN Scaling: 1 bits (2^1=2) Unscaled RWIN : 32768 Recommended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920, 1027840 BDP limit (200ms): 2621kbps (328KBytes/s) BDP limit (500ms): 1049kbps (131KBytes/s) MTU Discovery: ON TTL: 49 Timestamps: OFF SACKs: ON IP ToS: 00000000 (0) With explore and firefox im running 25% slow then average rr.com and with chrome im 48% slower then average rr.com
  5. Mudmanc4 , I found a 3.06 Ghz Xeon thats a few years old and a 3.06 Ghz thats made in 2010. Im guessing this one. http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27278 Question 1: How many threads in the box? Question 2: Is CentOS basically Linux? There is a CentOS folding team so it must be possible. Google Search: Folding on CentOS Testmy.net has 8.999 Million folding points! (May 31 2011)
  6. O Im so sorry Cable, I gave you the right page but didn't mention that you need to do the "installation of a console" on the bottom of the page and not "installation of a installer" at the top of page. http://folding.stanford.edu/English/MacSMPGuide#ntoc2 If you want to try the terminal window client you can pull up your advanced tab and add the parameter "-oneunit" so it will finish the current job. But if the computer is restarted it will run another -oneunit. Mac OS X 10.4+ Intel SMP2 Console (no installer) For my console I created a shortcut to the "folding.exe" with the following target: My Documents\Folding\CPU 0\Folder 0.exe" -configonly Folder_0.exe on a windows machine Arguments: -configonly [14:07:30] Configuring [email protected] User name [BlakeA.]? Team Number [44352]? Passkey [__________________]? Ask before fetching/sending work (no/yes) [no]? Use proxy (yes/no) [no]? Acceptable size of work assignment and work result packets (bigger units may have large memory demands) -- 'small' is <5MB, 'normal' is <10MB, and 'big' is >10MB (small/normal/big) [big]? Change advanced options (yes/no) [no]? yes <--Gives detailed options Core Priority (idle/low) [idle]? CPU usage requested (5-100) [100]? <---------cpu usage Disable highly optimized assembly code (no/yes) [no]? Pause if battery power is being used (useful for laptops) (no/yes) [no]? Interval, in minutes, between checkpoints (3-30) [15]? Memory, in MB, to indicate (2046 available) [1024]? Set -advmethods flag always, requesting new advanced scientific cores and/or work units if available (no/yes) [yes]? <-- beta cores,some give more points some crash Ignore any deadline information (mainly useful if system clock frequently has errors) (no/yes) [no]? Machine ID (1-16) [1]? Launch automatically, install as a service in this directory (yes/no) [no]? The following options require you to restart the client before they take effect Disable CPU affinity lock (no/yes) [no]? Additional client parameters. Use space to clear. [-forceasm -verbosity 9 -local ]? My CPU is at 55 Celsius and GPU at 74 Celsius
  7. My extra params include: -smp ...4 threads -forceasm ... use SSE/3DNow assembly instructions if possible even if it previous core had problems. -verbosity 9 ...(detailed status) -local ...Use configuration files from local directory. Use "-local" only if you are planning on running more than one instance of [email protected] on the same machine. http://www.stanford.edu/group/pandegroup/folding/console-userguide.html Do you have the option to use (20-100)% of the cpu? On my console client I can type in any percentage I want.
  8. I think in the past the screen saver client would only run if you left your computer alone and it would take your system resources until you moved the mouse, but now its built to always run but as IDLE priority so every time your not moving the mouse or clicking or loading, the folding.exe is running in the backround. The screensaver is being phased out but is still Download-able. There is an old client that showed a model of the protein being worked on and that is still downloadable but it was found that displaying the work being done slowed down the work being done. hehe On the high performance client page I see 9 for windows, 1 linux, zero for mac... Bummer! Stanford's FAQ Page: My options on windows are very simple, enter: name, team, password, proxy?, download size limit, priority, cpu usage, checkpoint minutes, memory limit, launch as service? Its really a tiny program thats built to get the job done while not caring about "prettiness". The mac install guide link is 5 posts up but you already read it I assume. The List of FAQ's on the Stanford page is quite large but I might direct you to http://folding.stanford.edu/English/FAQ-SMP Not to confuse you but here is my documents/folding/smp:
  9. If I am correct to assume that Ca3le finished his 10th smp project and has a passkey that would explain his increase in points from 1100 per day without bonus to 6300 per day with early return bonus, yay. Give a Hoorah for Ca3le! Six minutes per percent on a 481 point project is very close my X4 965. Cheers What I think ca3le's cpu is folding. What I think dantasm and JunkieXL are folding. What I think Buntz and Le_Murphant are folding What I think mudmanc4 is folding What my gpu is folding.
  10. Interesting. Is it possible to recreate this problem with 5 connections? 15 connections? 50 connections simultaneously? I would try to isolate it down to: Number of simultaneous connections OR Number of connections over the past "unit of time" (hour or day) IE: if you hit 257 connections within one hour does your computer explode? Im sorry we haven't gotten the solution but we're making progress.
  11. I am also timing out on the third to the last hop of a testmy.net trace route! Yes, this post is three months old. I know some servers deny a trace route for security reasons and yes its possible that this hop of the trace is being blocked, but I cannot reach 60% of my advertised 10mpbs connection on testmy and Im trying to find out why. Other sites like cnet.com or malwarebytes.org will be "powerboosted" for 8 seconds then level out at 10mbps. If I ping testmy.net I get 55ms at 0% loss. O bother, I tried to show I cant get 60% and I just got 78% :::.. Download Test Results ..::: Download Connection is:: 7697 Kbps about 7.7 Mbps (tested with 12 MB) Download Speed is:: 962 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Dallas, TX USA) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/db/gZCnvjp Test Time:: 2011-05-25 10:14:41 1MB Download in 1.06 Seconds - 1GB Download in ~18 Minutes - 134X faster than 56K Tested from a 12 MB file and took 13.078 seconds to complete Running at 78% of hosts average (rr.com) User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NE
  12. Personally I have a router that seems to keep a table of recent connections for future use, but for something like Utorrent with 1000 connections the router cant take it and my speeds go to 1% of normal. I also feel that the 10/10mB after sharing is very interesting. What could cause the speed to cut in half but not to zero? Does this problem appear if one person uses all your upload or only with multiple simultaneousness connections.
  13. Sweet, what are you looking to use the new mac for? Work or Play folding?
  14. I only use console clients (white text in a black box) hehe. The extra stats such as estimated time of completion and points per day are by a third party program called FahMon which stands for FoldAtHomeMonitor. All Installation Guides: http://folding.stanford.edu/English/Guide Mac Installation Guide: http://folding.stanford.edu/English/MacSMPGuide Cheers
  15. There's never a bad time to talk about folding for science. If you have a 8 core mac or a 12 core amd or heck even the experimental 80 core processor you can run the SMP (multiprocessor) client using a flag of "-smp 8" or "-smp 12". In fact there are very big work units that require 8 cores and 4 gb of memory that take 30-40 hours of computational time on a i7. They are only accessable using the -bigadv flag on a 8+ core computer. Stanford very much likes quick returns on their projects and is offering BONUS points to those that not only beat the prefered deadlines but also: Complete 10 smp projects Finish greater then 80% of projects you are given Have a passkey Example: if a project has a 7 day final deadline and a 4 day preferred deadline and you finish in 3 days, you get bonus points proportional to the 1 day early. If you have: 1-2 cores on a old computer use the standard cpu client 2-4 cores on a fast computer but only on a few hours a day try multiple cpu clients top of the line dual core on 24/7 might be able to meet deadlines on smp client quad cores = smp client 8 cores or more on a few hours a day, use -smp x (where x is cores to use) 8 cores or more on 24/7, use -smp x -bigadv A playstation! PS3's can fold too! an added video card, Radeon cards newer then HD2400 and Nvidias card newer then 8600 can run CUDA (not to far from C++) To fold on a GPU you need a very stable video card. Not only is crashing unacceptable but there can't be an arithmetic error in 100 hours of computation. If you have an bottom of the line gpu say the HD2400 or 8600gt it might have to be on 24/7 just to make the deadlines! With a video card made in the past two years its possible to meet all the deadlines even if your computer can only be on 2-8 hours a day. Here is the first experimental run of my bran spanken new GTX460 that might finish a "1300 point, 5 day deadline project" in roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes.
  16. Well, what are you planing to use the computer for?
  17. I notice that testmy downloads might start at 5mbps, jump to 14mbps, then hang back around 5. But that might be network traffic or heavy cpu load? I have never seen a torrent like program use all of my 10mbps line, but i have touched 7mbps. From what I understand powerboost only works on files larger then 10MBytes and then its only active for 10 seconds. Rather disappointing when servers can even feed half of my capacity.
  18. Run for you lives! I found it, O its for sale in British Pounds http://www.pinkcomputer.co.uk/index.php what do you think of this? http://www.pinkcomputer.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=59 How mean can you be? http://images.google.com/images?q=pink%20dog&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi
  19. I think your IP is added to the tracker so others can find you, then once a peer connects to you the requests for pieces begin. For me... Utorrent's problem is that there are 1000 incoming connections per hour and my router tries to remember them all. Once the router's memory is full it stops making new connections, to yahoo for example. If Utor is closed then no more peers should be trying to connect. If your full IP is reported to the tracker then everyone sees your IP. You probably know that Utor and your router can be told to use the same port. So any other questions?
  20. When the traffic on the network is light I see superb speeds. When everyone is online, say 5-9pm, its about half as fast. What city are you in Ikyuaoki?
  21. TW in my area advertises their 15Mb plan has powerboost. But I'm on the 10Mb plan and I see powerboosts of 25-15Mbps before it levels out towards the normal 10Mbps. I got a question for the admin, does testmy.net use the same protocols as the other speed test sites? It is possable for my ISP to lower the priority of something like FTP?
  22. Since the big headline title attracted all the "power" users may I direct you to a humanitarian use for all that processing power? http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-17310
  23. On their website you got The lowercase "b" is bits and uppercase "B" is bytes. On this site you tested at 232 kbps or (28 kB/s) thats 232 kbits/sec (divided by 8 bits = 1 byte) = 28 kByte/sec Brentvece is correct, your not running at 30kB/s of 286KB/s, you doing 30kB/s out of 28-34kB/s. What is your smartbro advertised speed by the way? I would also recommend the calc http://www.testmy.net/tools/convert.php
  24. I meant no insult. I just ask the obvious questions first like the tech support asking "Is it plugged into the wall?" Just making sure its not a silly mistake or something. Just a reminder, if you have single threaded program it should be using 25% of a quad core. Each process of the cpu folding client only uses one cpu core. (im using 2 clients my dual core) Some of the flags, the ones Mudmanc knows, tell the computer to more efficiently do the math, such as taking 1000 bank accounts and multiplying them all by an interest of 2%. The i7's are quad cores with hyperthreading. Thus 8 clients will take twice as long as 4 clients. Think of this as an 8 men construction crew but with only 4 hammers, and 4 shovels. If everyone needs a hammer then 4 will be out of work. Sparky, are you estimating 100 points per 24 hours? If so thats normal. If not their might be a problem.
  25. Um, saying GUI doesn't tell us if your on gpu, cpu, or smp(quad core) clients. GUI is just graphical user interface If you have any "viewer" running showing you the protein being worked on it will slow you down. CPU clients are worth 110 points for each day it took the benchmark machine finish the work. - some heat and electricity usage GPU clients " " 1500 points " " - more heat and electricity usage SMP clients " " 1760 points " " - more heat, electricity, and memory usage Sparky, according to this if a 220 point cpu project takes you two days your as fast as the benchmark machine. Mudmanc4, I tried a SMP client on my Pentium D. Normally I can finish a work unit well before the preferred deadline even while turning my computer off at night. But the Stanford benchmark xeon machine is SO much faster then my comp that I left my computer on 3 days straight at turned in the project 1 hr early. Do you use fahmon Mudmanc? Stanford strongly recomends not using two instances of FaH on a hyperthreaded cpu because each project will run half as fast. You'll get the same points (double the points in double the time), but science will be delayed. Running two instances on a "true" dual core will get you double the points in the same time. Below is an image of my current folding. After getting a few gliches prefer bare bones and functional to pretty with errors. As you can see the fahcore_.exe's on task manager are doing all the work. (fahcore_11.exe seems to give the job to the video card and is currently waiting for progress)
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