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  1. I went from adelphia 3Mbps, time warner 5Mbps -> 7Mbps -> 10Mbps with no price change. I don't see a time warner 10Mbps on their website but thats what Im getting.
  2. Besides port fowarding and finding lots of seeders what have you done to optimize Utorrent? How many people are you downloading from simutaniously, and can I increase it?
  3. So im running on 512MB ram with zero mem errors. Yet the computer crashed on login, Utorrent, and 3DMark. Bad hardware?
  4. If you take antibiotics for a shorter time then a doctor recommends you risk only killing the weakest part of a virus/bacteria and having the strong ones multiply, and yes, those that remain could start to resist that antibiotic.
  5. My best non conclusive data so far! I had MemTest scan 200MB of the 512MB Kingston ram sticks, the rest was either used by windows or idle. Mem stick A: Diagnostic in DOS MemTest in WindowsXP Slot 1 5586 errors 0 errors, windows crash, boot crash, and corrupt error report Slot 2 5622 errors 3% test complete with 100+ errors Slot 3 5686 errors failed to load windows, hung Mem stick B: Diagnostic in DOS MemTest in WindowsXP Slot 1 0 errors 1 error, and windows crash Slot 2 0 errors 0 error, and windows crash Slot 3 0 errors 1 error Scientific conclusion: "Mem stick A" is , but still the crash with the good(er) mem stick is puzzling. This message is brought to you by, "the Gooder Mem Stick" (running windows on 512MB)
  6. All systems with in acceptable limits captain! 3GHz processor at 3013MHz - default and correct 1.36Vcore (but it varies from 1.31 - 1.41) 200MHz FSB MoBo at 203MHz FSB 1:1 FSB to RAM ratio PC-3200 (200MHz "quad-pumped") at 203MHz 2.6V RAM at 2.6V CPU-Z confirms memory running at its default and correct timings of 3-3-3-8 (Im making best guess cause computer is down) During 3:2 FSB to where the ram runs at 166MHz with slightly tighter timings I have errors. So I set the ram to 1:1 200MHz and timings to 5-5-5-12 and still got memory errors. This digital cam photo was taken with no tweaking done to the system. Im looking up stride38 test on google which got zero erros on both test passes. http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp#top
  7. Sales associate sold us MoBo and CPU combo & RAM combo MSI PT880 Neo-FSR "Pentium 4 3E GHz" with hyperthreading
  8. Most people in a torrent are sending me data at 7kByte per sec, get 10 of those and Im speeding along at 70kByte per sec Are 80% of torrent-ers on dial up? I limit my upload to 100kByteps, like anox195 my upload is rated at 125 KBytePerSec or 1 MbitPerSec. P.S. typing a capital B is automatically lower cased
  9. I don't remember if the problem with the original supply came to my attention by crashes or errors . But I do remember hearing the CPU fan roaring and I put my hand over the power supply fan to feal the temperature of the air, only to realize there was no air flow. I can't recall if the computer was stable with the old power supply. Its hard to disquingsh because this computer has had problems for 2-3 years. This is no joke, after the computer crashed 2 dozen times in a day I had the terrable misfortune of having my dreams crash on me in my sleep! I can't emphasize enough the fustration I had in that dream.
  10. Took one test for accuracy and another for speed. (My speed test was slower!) 44wpm - 1 mistake - Punchuation was my weakness, and time lost fixing mistakes. 42wpm - 16 mistakes - Read this
  11. No I have not... The power supply is only half a year old 500 watt antec that replaced a different power supply who's fan stopped spinning and lead to overheating, possably more?
  12. More problems with my Misfit Computer. I thank you all for 4 pages of advice but the problem stands. All of the following have caused my computer to crash, logging into my account, clicking shut down, starting a game, loading a BF2 map, exiting a game, clicking on don't send error report, and yes going to the bathroom . I was having computer crashes constantly so I reinstalled windows Xp. Fresh operating system and the problems continue. I ran mem test and got 7 errors in the process of allocating memory before the test began . Also ran MemTest86 and it really surprised me! Every test was failed in the same way, both ram and cpu cache. The program inserts a value in memory and then reads it to see if they match. Wrote 0000 0000 to mem, 0000 0001 was read back. Wrote 1010 1010 to mem, 1010 1011 was read back. Wrote 6789 ABCD to mem, 6789 ABCE was read back. CheckDisk reports a clean file system. Memory errors found with any mem stick in any possable configuration. At the moment booting windows normally causes it to crash before the login screen, and booting in safe mode sometimes hangs until it crashed or sometimes succeeds in loading safe mode. I have an opinion about the problem but I wish to hear your thoughts.
  13. Would you say your computer only restarts when heavily using the harddrive? Or would a large load on system memory or video processing (3D game) cause a restart? Try copying and pasting 2 Gbytes of files, would that make it crash?
  14. I believe its the 300mhz processor that cant keep up. I once had a set up much like yours, 3Ghz with downloads of 4000kbps on one computer and Emachine 733mhz with downloads of 1000kbps. Its the sum of all the slow parts in your computer which they themselves are waiting on a (slow) 300mhz cpu. I have a router and cable modum in a wiring closet where the main cable TV line enters the house. 3 computers in 2 rooms are connected to the router by over 100 feet of ethernet cable running through the ceiling and walls. Weither there is a signal amplifier in my attic I dont know, but I do know that CAT5 Ethernet cable is rated for 100ft with no signal loss. A 12 foot cable should be flawless.
  15. Does your Bios have a temp and voltage page?
  16. ...Up to the point that your upload clogs your line and your download suffers.
  17. Im confused. Can you please state weither your counting bits/sec, Bytes/sec, Kbit/sec, or cheeseburgers per second. Your on Dial-up with an Ethernet cable? You have a 3600 MHz computer with download speed of 2000 Bit per sec? and A computer running at 300MHz with download speed of 100bps?
  18. Wikipedia, is not that difficult to change. But there has been business men removing paragraphs from wikipedia articles to protect their companies from getting bad publicity.
  19. If you max out your upload for your line then your download takes a major hit. In that situation your computer cannot send out the request for more data. I know when my bro is uploading a large file because my ping on Battlefield 2 goes from 40ms to 600ms. Im not sure this is happening to you but I would suggest you limit your upload to 80% of its rated speed.
  20. 3D Mark 05, video tests 1 -3 monitored by RivaTuner and Log file by Motherboard Monitor
  21. Ca3le, would you have a log file that can record the average cpu temp over an hour? Just a thought, the air on your floor is cooler then the air on your ceiling (heat rises). Although I doubt the difference between the two is more then 10 degrees. When you measured the temperature of the room how far apart were the thermometer and the computer case? (I'm looking to explain those missing 6 degrees) My pentium 4 3Ghz (heat producer) idles at 43C or 109F, stock heatsink, and it's max operating temp is 70C or 158F. [url=http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ProcFam=2558&sSpec=&OrdCode=]Intel
  22. Blako


    My Bios reports the -5V at + 3.5V. Any thoughts on how this might happen?
  23. Blako


    The question is, is Bios reading the wrong sensor? I can't think of what uses 3.5V.
  24. Blako


    I'm wondering if what I see on my voltages is something to be concerned about. The first image is from Everest Home and it reports my "-5V" at "+3.5". The second image is from Motherboard Monitor which is out of sequence but still says "+3.57V". I could be a +3.3V at +3.57 but both programs already report my +3.3V about +3.29V which is good. Even in BIOS I see the same thing. So, is this a problem, or is my BIOS reading the wrong sensor?
  25. How often to you guys replace the batteries on a wireless mouse/keyboard? How many batteries has your mouse/keyboard used in a year?
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