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  1. anox195

    New ATT Gigapower customer

    Thanks cable, the updated graph actually makes alot more sense to me as to how it calculated the 700mbps over time! that answers everything
  2. Thanks, I'll have to try the google syntax when looking for stuff in the future. Also nice to know its getting refreshed and updated. I've been using this website for years for speed testing (website works out of the box, no plugins needed, when spinning up new servers) and sometimes I'll post in the forums, I'm a sysad going on 7 years now, and its so much easier to go here and provide reliable data to my bosses and not some flash based bullshit. Keep up the good work for years, you guys have been nothing less of world class. Happy new years all.
  3. You should check to see if there are any LoS or similar radio ISPs piggybacking off of TWC's internet to extend it out to the rural areas. Theres a couple companies that do that here and I have heard good things about them. Mostly I have heard the bandwidth is good but latency is high, (ie. 20mb up/down, 100+ ms)... That seems like it would suffice for you. See if you can find a company like this around you! It can be difficult as they do not advertise and don't have many customers.
  4. Exactly! I could not find the ISP forums anywhere... That is where I was going to check up on details about the service. However I got the service and everything is working amazingly. I posted speeds in show off your scores forum board. Heres a link to it, https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/32645-new-att-gigapower-customer/
  5. https://testmy.net/db/5mSdfRoTh.9pdZmLVDO Any idea why this is so much slower than what I'm averaging on OOKLA? I haven't seen below 400mbps upload on OOKLA and it seems like it doesn't have enough time to keep climbing, as it only gets faster as its loading the data. My advertised speeds are 1gbps up and down.. Its fiber to my SOHO, Ethernet to the PC. Different ISP and more distant server: Same ISP, same city:
  6. Title says it all... anything I search comes up with 0 results... I'm looking for info about ppl who have gotten the new AT&T Gigapower 1gps isp service Like how it is, stability...ping times to games...and etc Realistic results seem to be 800mbps/200-400mbps as far as I can tell using google search AT&T is supposed to be at my house 9am-11am tomorrow so I will let you guys know how it is I guess...
  7. Hi All Souls, Well ladies and gentlemen, it has finally come. Internet speeds faster than your typical cheap 5 port hub, POE devices, and even too fast for some of your laptops with older NIC cards out there. Behold, 300 mbps / 20 mbps - has finally reached into my area. Although, most webservers peak out at 20mb/s, and netflix only allows each device about 5 mbps from what I can see on my network monitoring. Evidence Below: Download: (on a good day I can get 320mbps) Upload: They complimentary increased our speeds because competitors in the area had 100mbps offers and also, I believe Google Fiber is looking to expand into my area ... I'll keep you posted. As for the obvious questions, torrenting (legal) stuff is infact awesome with the correct settings in your torrent client, I manage about 22-30 mb/s download rate in torrents. The upload speed increase also seemed to have increased my ping times by about 10ms in most games, such as League of Legends, DirtyB, Counter Strike, even agar.io At any rate, TWC MAXX is awesome! And after 2mo with no outages, I have nothing but great things to say. It is cable, so I know there are speed variances but a variance from 150mbps-320mbps is pretty nice for $69/mo.. Anyone else out there get there TWC MAXX upgrade? Oh yeah forgot to mention you need the right modem that can handle all the channels....
  8. Time Warner Cable rolled out TWC MAXX to my area as I believe Google Fiber is launching here soon as well, so they need to compete. Finally I got the upgrade and got the new modem that supports all the channels. Was only getting 100mbps previously however, after going to the TWC Store and swapping out the modem, I get the free 300 mbps upgrade! Check out my speeds below, however no improvement in latency times or gaming-(this is just one test, for some reason theres ALOT of variance, due to cable?) Free upgrade in speed, same price per month. I now TWC, $59.99/mo This is huge advantage now though, going from a residential 50mbps connection (thinking that was insanely fast). I can now download 60 GB in about 45 mins - 1 hour depending on the source host! The internet is really slowly starting to become a better place. Anyone else with Time Warner got the upgrade yet? I know all my neighbors and several co-workers of mine have also gotten this upgrade. All the best, Anox195
  9. In desperate need of a program that can monitor the bandwidth on my MIFI (hotspot wifi mobile devices). As a systems admin at a small corporation, the cellular overages for our mobile employees are killing us... Any ideas on what I could install to monitor this? On my machine- or even on they'res? Without having to call the service provider and asking on a update on each and every single line we own...... It seems after several calls the service providers offer nothing-
  10. anox195

    Need a firefox geek......

    Ninjageek, Do you mean extensions or instances ? Or could you print screen what your talking about? Thanks!
  11. anox195

    Comming Soon: New Toy

    When I say apps, i mean just that, apps. I'm sure that out of all your wonderful app escapade you have run up a bill of atleast $70 buying apps. And to mention I would probably be impressed if you could post a speed test of your 4 pulling 4.5mbits on 3g. While your network is fine, others are not - So my comments are what i see going on the in the office. And my DI battery is definately longer lasting than a iphone 4, i wont charge it for a day sometimes and it still has a bit to go. Hell it will take hours to deplete from 20% (with constant use). I bet you throw that puppy on a charger everytime you get in your vehicle or home. Also like i said my droid is so much more open source ya know? I'm tired of proprietary and all that. If i want to be able to do a ssh session from my phone then i should be able to damnit! if i want to rdp without having to use something like a $30 app i should be able to. If i want to wifi tether my connection w/o having to pay besides what i already pay for unlimited data, i should be able to! I can use my phone as a usb drive to hold data and have do w/e i please. If im on the road and want to download a torrent or something ill download it from my phone and have it running in the background for hours. When im settled in i plug into my laptop and BAM! its there under removable media. also my camera is pretty darn good. i have an 8mp camera while your phone 4 has a little over half that many megapixels. Not really trying to argue, and im no fanboy, just saying im happy with my purchase of the droid incredible. best damn $200 i ever spent.
  12. anox195

    Comming Soon: New Toy

    While a smoother appearance and a brighter, more vibrant screen may make you think that your iPhone 4 is so much better, its actually not. Aside from the fact that phone itself is horrible at its main functions. The battery doesn't last near long enough in comparison with other smart phones, so unless your by a usb jack all the time youll start to notice damn, my battery is always about to die. Everytime I call a iphone 4 user (from many different phones) I hear a long annoying high pitched beeeeeeeep. then it will connect, i dont know if thats a badass ringback tone you iphone users have by default. Also how is your call dropping? Everyone in our building with the iphone cant be on the phone in our elevator. But guess what, I can -- I have seen active sync on the iphone and compared it with my droid, when you send pictures or videos via iphone exchange its too slow. The droid does it instantly and does the upload in the bg. And by the best apps you mean you blew about 50-100 usd on some bs apps. Androids dl a A-Z pro torrent and boom anything you want at your disposal. Not to mention we dont have to update our itunes and firmware every so often and have your phone be a brick for a few hours come update day. And my 3G speeds are so much faster on my verizon network than they work on the att network... Anyways your iphone4 is verizon or att?
  13. anox195

    Comming Soon: New Toy

    I too own the HTC incredible. And you're right, its incredible. You literally plug the usb into any computer and you can drag and drop apps. NO 300-400mb software that you install and no redtape about anything. I torrent from my phone. I want to see the W7 phone do that, lol. And i also have never seen anyone support a Microsoft product so hard, it feels like the early original xbox days, lol.
  14. anox195

    Comming Soon: New Toy

    dont know about others, however personally i turn my phone on and it works. flawlessly. rooting, was cake and working from my phone is very awesome, as a network admin i dont even pull the laptop out. ssh sessions, rdp sessions, it does it all. and hey! it even bluetooth's my mp3s to my wireless headset so im jammin @ work all day. im in love with my self so there will never be a significant other. anox195 is all i care about. now that my phone does all these things, me and palmela handerson have gotten to know each other better. cant wait to see you post a BSOD pic of your phone. haha.
  15. anox195

    Comming Soon: New Toy

    why would you go windows? your computer is already a slave to it now your phone?! go droid and load linux on it, its all about open source these days
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