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  1. Smartbro @ P832.50/month Location: Dasmarinas, Cavite Better change that Globe buddy...
  2. $25/month or Php1,000 Smartbro Located at Cavite, Philippines
  3. im using windows xp sp2 before and im glad i changed to windows 7 now! better try it as well guys!!!
  4. before my speed is averaging only from 350-700kbps... but after installing windows 7 my speed boosted up 300% times my previous speeds. no tweaks or tcpip adjustments or cablenut used. check out my stats.... i installed my windows7 on june152010 http://www.testmy.net/tools/database/db_search.php?type=user&q=ripclawph
  5. not sure exactly... last month i was having disconnection problems, and have been tweaking my canopy, my pc, upgrading softwares and drivers, even formatting my whole drives but still disconnecting. so i called smart and ask me a series of questions and help me to do this and that (the only good CS i've talked so far..btw). until we arrived to decision to change my lan card. so i did! after changing the disconnection was gone!!! problem was solved (last week only). so i tweaked my pc again(canopy, cleaning, cablenut, etc) but the connection was slow (120+kbps)... smart called me up and ask me about my status... i said the disconnection was gone but i was only running less than 384kbps... he told me that he was seeing some issues about the basestation and will report the problem. after 3 days, i just woke up and found this awesome speed running on my pc! at first i thought the test was only cached, so i cleaned my cache but it was still the same!!! whoa!!! i tried other speed test sites as well and i wasn't dreaming!!! :cheesy: i don't know what really happened but if they did fixed something on the basestation i hope it will be forever!!!
  6. :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:
  7. i wanted to use my current smartbro antenna from my desktop pc. but even if i connect the cable to my laptop, it still would connect to the internet... any ideas??? thanks!!!
  8. Help needed. I just bought a new laptop and i want to connect it to the internet using the current smartbro antenna i have with my desktop computer. but when i connect the network cable to the laptop, i still can't connect to the internet... can anybody help how to setup up my laptop without using a router. Thanks in advance!!! ripclaw
  9. off topic guys... im having problems with the proxies im using right now. i cant seem to connect to the internet?! are you experiencing the same thing today? (9-28 8:10pm) proxy.smartwifi.com.ph proxy.smartbro.net proxy.meridian.ph
  10. thanks for sharing all your ideas. i would probably go for the website. i will try to start with free domains..any recommendations which can help me with this... many thanks!
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