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  1. ff is cool but the prob is once you put a few add ons it just slows it down too much i run chrome most of the time and then ff but yesterday downloaded ie8 looks good too, using that quite a bit never thought i would go back to ie
  2. just-

    new build

    Don't forget you want to be future prof, so buying just a dual core might not cut it if you don't want to a major upgrade (mother board and cpu) in 2 years time The price of Quad is not that bad i would go quad if i were you
  3. just-

    testmy.net [email protected] team

    Attention all folding team members There has been a new version of folding for a while version 6 I just noticed today i was still running 5 download the new version here http://folding.stanford.edu/English/Download keep crunching
  4. just-

    The World's Weirdest USB Drives

    i like the finger one where can i buy it ?
  5. try this 50 meg test http://www.testmy.net/dl-50MB you are trying out your connection between lulea and the states we don't have servers outside america at the moment
  6. redaffinity have u made a decision ? have you made a purchase give us your feedback i am interested in buying one too what i like the most is the long long battery life
  7. This topic has been moved to Online Gaming Discussion. [iurl]http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=24331.0[/iurl]
  8. I have made the switch I like the interface and its damn quick in heavy java websites
  9. guys can you back up what you saying please serious matter
  10. just-

    DVD Decrypter

    really good website http://www.videohelp.com/ just enter like dvd to avi and search loads of articles and ways to do it
  11. just-

    Dark Knight shatters record

    So can any one tell me what is the MPAA and all the movie studios fighting this piracy all about when they still pull record like this out of the cinema? It is just a load of bollocks I go to the cinema when i see a good movie Keep on pirating !! (i'm not saying i do)
  12. just-

    iPhone Speedtest Finshed!

    got a few friends at work with the new iphone will get them to check it out
  13. just-

    Glitch hampers iPhone launch

    dlewis did you get one ?
  14. just-

    Cheapest hosting companies, please help.

    have you checked this company http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html really friendly and rather cheap check out http://www.webhostanalysis.com/
  15. that is a lot of people online well done every one !! keep on spreading the word
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