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  1. [me=Elite.Pete]thinks it's irrelevant[/me]
  2. walmart, gonna have alot of unhappy hillbillies who blew up a homebuilt computer :-0
  3. foobar 2k on windows amarok on ubuntu linux windows media player/PowerDvd/Divx/Xvid and totem motive player (linux) Here's a picture of amarok it's very nice
  4. Pleazeloginorcrazy ass nigga.Did you miss yo activation email? Accurate upload n download connection speed test'n, Wit tha ability ta triznack yo connection history. Though Bandwidth trippin' is testmy.net's primary Service we also offa mizzle otha internet related tools, such as tracerizzles ping, whois, DNS Query. Izzle also offa many guidesta hizzy you git tha Most out of yo gangsta n mizzle importantly git tha most out of yo Internet Connection. We hizzle a grow'n community along wit an expansive community forum n industry news. Enjoy yo stay... that was weird to see. my favorite is 'tracerizzles'
  5. i have a pci-express 16x radeon x700 pro 256mb and it runs like a dream. only $200 also. bought it like a year ago.
  6. lol i've seen this posted on like 10 different places and it's still funny, it wouldn't be so funny except that he said he was a computer expert of 20+years, too bad he doesn't know CentOS is an operating system and not a group of hackers.
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