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  1. Rank Stars vs Rank Banner

    [me=Elite.Pete]thinks it's irrelevant[/me]
  2. The Worst President in History?

    you are behind on your spelling
  3. Wal-Mart to sell build-your-own computers

    walmart, gonna have alot of unhappy hillbillies who blew up a homebuilt computer :-0
  4. help with linux

    ubuntu is very nice.
  5. Where are you from?

    Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  6. Admin's - How Many Of 'em

    lol, trolls
  7. not a problem, they are the anti-cable company
  8. Look at this xbox 360

    looks okay
  9. they are not a cable company so no cable
  10. Microsoft may delay Vista again

    i could careless about vista
  11. ATI vs. Nvidia vs. PhysX?

    P.S. did you read the reviews, people were not happy w/ the card
  12. ATI vs. Nvidia vs. PhysX?

    wait, if that is a dualcore card, then in sli it would be 4 core... can you even do that yet? i do remember hearing about quad card sli didn't know if it was current or not yet, and is ati's crossfire even worth mentioning ?
  13. ATI vs. Nvidia vs. PhysX?

    i have a pci express (256MB) ati x700 pro, it runs good, plays doom3 on high so i'm happy for now.
  14. Media Players

    foobar 2k on windows amarok on ubuntu linux windows media player/PowerDvd/Divx/Xvid and totem motive player (linux) Here's a picture of amarok it's very nice
  15. 40 megs a second

    bah that's nothing!
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