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  1. Folding @ Home has clients for single and dual core processors, as well as recent Ati and Nvidia video cards capable of running the CUDA programing language. A [email protected] donator (like us) can configure multiple computer towers to work under his/her username and teamname. Within each computer tower multiple CPU, GPU, and SMP (Simultaneous Multi Processing or "Dual Core") clients can be setup to work on different projects at the same time by the use of the machine-ID setting. (See the FAH Stanford website for details.) GPU clients get the most work done but also use the most electricity and output the most heat. Folding farms have been built by a few businessmen and university's. For example 10 quad cores in a basement, or 6 computers each with eight GPUs working on 48 projects simultaneously. The average person might have a 1-2 computers running 1-8 clients, But the amazing numbers come from the Stanford site saying 300,000 CPUs, 30,000 GPUs, and 40,000 PS3s are currenting donating 4+ teraflops of processing power for science. Learn from my mistake: using task manager to close foldathome.exe will not harm the project as it resumes from checkpoint. But closing fah_corexx.exe which runs the calculations will loose all those hours of work. One man's story -> http://atlasfolding.com/ My Personal Folding
  2. Well I have this networking problem that I just can't put my finger on. As I was making this picture I came up with an Idea. I hope you will too. Computer "B" can ping my network but no one in the network can ping computer B. (Just keeping it abstract here) All connections are physical Cat5 cable.
  3. For the last half of 2008 both my timewarner internet and TV were horrible. No internet for as much as 2 days every month, and the packet loss on the TV made it unwatchable. Today, I almost mistook my download speed for my LAN speed. In this picture you can see what appears to be speedboost on my 10mbps RR service plan. Download Connection is:: 11998 Kbps about 12 Mbps (tested with 51195 kB) Download Speed is:: 1465 kB/s Bottom Line:: 209X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 0.7 sec Tested from a 51195 kB file and took 34.954 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 123.84 % faster than the average for host (rr.com) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-18A0URO5Z In case your wondering this is San Diego.
  4. If all your using is a heatsink and airflow, the best you can do is to approach the ambient temperature. Now I'm just doing my best estimates here so please oblige. If one of you would like to correct this list go for it. Air: 10-50 degrees Celsius over ambient. Water: 5-30 degrees Celsius over ambient. Chilled water: 0 - 20 degrees Celsius over ambient TEC: 5 below - 20 over ambient Phase change: 60 below - 30 below ambient Liquid Nitrogen: 200 below - 100 below ambient Its only thermodynamics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_conductivity
  5. Here's what I learned today: Why do i get a "Connection limit exceeded! You may only leech from one location at a time" error? This is an error associated with the passkey system. You may leech each torrent from one location only. This issue will resolve by itself, No action needed. However if you dont leech the torrent from a second location, and you still get this problem, reset your passkey in your control panel and redownload the torrent (also redownload any other torrent you leech at the same time, or you will get an invalid passkey error)
  6. RR ranges from ZERO Kps to 9800 Kbps and time warner TV has artifacts like packet loss. Internet speeds during the night sometimes approach zero. Last night msn.com took 4 minutes to load. Most everything else timed out. Id say every three months I have a week of no or insanely slow internet. O, and if I upload at all, RR cuts my internet off for 10min - 3hours.
  7. Tech support pointed me away from Corsair They said Kingston or Samsung ram works. The Bios says slot 1 unoccupied, slot 2 1024MB. Or vice versa. Cpu-z sees both sticks of ram. HP only has 3 compatable ram brands that work! I don't want to buy another HP. Close the thread, lock it up, toss into the abyss and give me my refund.
  8. Yes, that is preferable but it does not explain the second slot going invisible on me no matter if samsung or corsair is in slot 2.
  9. My pavillion a1524n came with 1 GB of samsung DDR2 PC-4200 and one open slot for another stick. So I bought Corsair 1GB DDR2 PC-4200 to add in. (Part # VS1GB533D2) The Samsung works in slot 1 and slot 2. The Corsair works in slot 1 and slot 2. But If I put them both in at the same time bios says slot 2 is empty no matter the combination. The board is rated by HP for 2 x 1GB of ram. I'm wondering if the HP motherboard has some weird setting preventing this from working or if it's proprietary. Your thoughts?
  10. Well given that this 3 month old post has been revived, I have a interesting problem. Whenever I use all my roadrunner upload bandwidth all computers in the house loose internet for 5-10 seconds. Sometimes I'll be uploading a photo or whatever and the internet just hangs there at 0% usage. Even when my upload stops the symptoms often remain for an hour or more. When doing upload tests on this site or others I will see my upload stay at 0.98 mbps of 1mbps which is fantastic. But then the upload pauses and each computer in the house looses internet before it continues a few seconds later. Is this how RR throttles its customers?
  11. Just a simple yes or no will do. Or expound upon us your multifarious aptitude. Are you uploading? Anyone else online (in your home)? Does it happen on more then one site? Has it happened before? Fill in the blank Are you on Insight's 10mbps, 20mbps, or other?
  12. My theory is, the faster your internet the less likly a server can meet your "max" demands. You are correct KBolt, when you say that downloading from obscure servers on the other side of the world don't result in good speeds. Let me see if I can word this properly. If the servers, distance, and network traffic (all things out of your control) were left in a state of "perfection", then your hardware will often put you within 90% of your advertized speed. If there are 8 bits in a byte then RTB has a 3 megabyte/sec download and 0.3125 megabyte/sec upload. Reaching 2.8 of 3 mbyte is greater then 90%. Lets say a really "slow" old hard drive can read/write at 20 mbyte/sec. Thats 160mbit/sec. Even that is plenty for 100mbps cat5 cable. Another use of the word stable: While watching a moving on gametrailers.com I am stable at 3.6mbps download for 20 seconds. Now you might say, "But you have a 10mbps connection." Thats true. By clicking on the movie statistics you will find it is playing at 3.3mbps, thus the server is only giving me 300kbps more then I need to watch the video smoothly. I believe this is to keep demand on their servers low so they can better cater to "the masses." To conclude: When the world around you is running smoothly (network wise), the majority of users can reach 90% of advertized speeds. When things out of your control are, interupted, you might as well be gambling. http://www.coolnsmart.com/gambling_quotes/
  13. Just another option, but it might require shopping: a switch (as Chistopher said) If you have two "online devices" in the same room you can do something like what I have here: Modem | 4-port Router / | | PC PC Switch Playstation / PC PC
  14. Don't use these numbers as Bible truth but its a guideline Have you thought about SLI certified power supplies or you already have? 60 Amps is a massive load. 4 X 20 Amps
  15. It reminds me of in the past where the first floor was a shop and the second and third floors were where the shop owners lived. Is it residential and commercial sharing the same foundation? I hope your situation doesn't fall into an exception catagory. Click Here to win a million dollars!* * just insert your bank account and ss #
  16. http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.asp?m=604719&mpage=1&key=9800gt&#604719 RTB wins the prize. In 2005:
  17. Start > run > cmd > tracert testmy.net Just courious, can you run taskmanager network usage and then play your game? Never know, might notice the same problem I had.
  18. October UPDATE... The tech support did find a cable so loose at the street that he touched it and it fell out. Thats been fixed. I am noticing something that affects online gaming the most but is also appearent on DL and UL tests. While in BF2 with a ping a 20ms, and my bro playing WoW (ping 170) on another computer we both loose connection at the same time only for it to reconnect 8-15 seconds later. This also happens if only one computer is online and is noticable on uploads a little more then downloads. Testmy.net and another speed test both result in taskmanager looking like this. What could cause this?
  19. The 9800gt stock is about 3% faster then the 8800gt stock. The difference is that the 9800gt puts out less heat due to the 65nm process. Thus manufacturers are keen to overclock as JustinLay mentioned. I still think the 8800gt at $130 can't be beat by anything under $160. GPU Charts Best Video Cards For The Money: Sept '08 O, thanks for reminding me dlewis23, the HD 4670 at $79 ties with a 9600gt at $99 and should be considered in the $0-$100 race.
  20. After talking with tech support nothing changed... but the next day i think its working Speakeasy.net Download: 9689 kbps Up: 959 kbps Speedtest.net Download: 9909 kb/s Up: 608 kb/s 46 ms San Diego, CA < 50 mi Download: 9909 kb/s Up: 603 kb/s 53 ms San Diego, CA < 50 mi pcpitstop.com Download Speed: 9576 kbps (1197 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 978 kbps (122.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 19 ms
  21. Speed test statistics --------------------- Download speed: 176328 bps Upload speed: 980784 bps Quality of service: 50 % Download test type: socket Upload test type: socket Maximum download pause: 660 ms <--- What do you guys get for this value? I got as high as 5000ms! Average download pause: 115 ms Minimum round trip time to server: 107 ms Average round trip time to server: 136 ms VoIP test statistics -------------------- Jitter: you --> server: 1.0 ms Jitter: server --> you: 4.4 ms Packet loss: you --> server: 0.0 % Packet loss: server --> you: 3.6 % Packet discards: 0.0 % Packets out of order: 0.0 % Number of supported VoIP lines: 1 Estimated MOS score: 3.6 For comparison sake can someone go to http://myspeed.visualware.com/voip/ and check their advanced results and post max/avg download pause?
  22. All computers in the house are suffering from terrable download speeds. Download tests show frequent pauses between bursts of good speed which point to packet loss. Restarting the modem and router have no effect. PunkBuster also kicked me for "loosing key packets." The average ping to a variety of websites is 60-100ms (which is good). Testmy.net Download Connection is:: 353 Kbps about 0.4 Mbps (tested with 3064 kB) 3% efficiency Upload Connection is:: 887 Kbps about 0.9 Mbps (tested with 1496 kB) 89% efficiency Test site #2 Download Speed: 1211 kbps (151.4 KB/sec transfer rate) 12% efficiency Upload Speed: 973 kbps (121.6 KB/sec transfer rate) 97% efficiency Latency: 35 ms Test Site #3 Download Speed: 1085 kbps (135.6 KB/sec transfer rate) 11% efficiency Upload Speed: 974 kbps (121.8 KB/sec transfer rate) 97% efficiency Test Site #4 Download Speed: 1094 kbps 11% efficiency Upload Speed: 686 kbps (121.8 KB/sec transfer rate) 67% efficiency Notice the two time-outs. The anoying thing is when the loading page just hangs there for 10 seconds. Any suggestions?
  23. As was implied before, the test that runs for 7-10 seconds with your connection will let you know if things are working as they should. I have found that a test that takes 20 or more seconds does a better job of ignoring things like accessing the server and loading the "now downloading" screen.
  24. Well I have never seen or paid attention to how many members join a day/week but if i had that I'd make a guess. From now on call me member #3235 with phone#, student#, socialsecurity#, bankaccount#, drivers licence# and street # ! It wasn't that long ago that someone claimed to be american number 300,000,000.
  25. I post this as a question not a statement. Do wired networks typically have lower pings then wireless? NiKkay, are you saying that uploading while surfing the web is slow OR that uploading and then not touching the computer is slow? Because I know for a fact that if you reach your max upload your download will come crashing down. If the requests for data are clogged trying to leave your computer then they can't get to the server to get your download.
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