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  1. Or could've been overheating.
  2. Yea, maybe the hashing was too much for it?
  3. I'll take your computer when your done with it .
  4. There you go, how can you expect to get good technology at Sams Club, and geeks.com is a lot of refurb stuff so you never really can be sure what your're getting. In other words buy from a place like newegg.
  5. Where are you getting these hardrives from?
  6. Thanks, , I was very busy for awhile there but things are starting to calm down and I've got more downtime. Glad to be back.
  7. If it's anyhelp I'm running build 6000 with a gig of ram and a 6600 with no trouble. So far all the features are working fine and it seems quite zippy.
  8. My team kind sucks because I've got no players that are a guarantee to put up big points except for manning. Everyone else is kinda risky but I could have some sleepers, just wish I would have been there for the draft.
  9. So do the preseason games have any effect on the league, or does it not start until the real NFL games start?
  10. I missed the draft too. I hope i got some good players.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I'll be trying this sometime next week.
  12. I think I've heard of Vivarin, is that like nodoz and stay awake? The energy drink I'm talking about is called ripit and it's got 200mg of caffeine per can.
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