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Verizon: High Speed Internet Optimizing Tool (Issue with Tech)


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Ok. You might find this strange or stupid or whatnot but  I happened to asked a Verizon rep through the live chat feature to give me the link to the DSL Optimizing Tool so I can download it and the person was like "I can not give you out the link unless I do screen-sharing with you" So after a tussle, I went ahead and told him, "Ok, do what you have to do by getting me the optimizing tool."  The tech then winded up doing everything else than doing what he supposed to. He went into all my personal stuff (mainly some porn collection from downloads) and deleted it when it had nothing to do with the Optimizing. I told the guy that I wanted the optimizing tool installed on my computer or just give me the link. So then, he went to the link and installed the Optimizing tool then he went ahead and uninstalled it  then he told me to restart my computer or I will have to do it for you. I told him that he installed it  then uninstalled it  and then said "I guess I have to restart your computer since you are not cooperating with me." He went ahead and override my computer and restarted it on his term and I was so upset. Then he tried going to the Verizon Speed Test and saw that it was not optimized and then I told him "If you don't know how to do your job, let me show you how you do it correctly!" and he insisted on telling me "Your computer does not support any high speed internet optimizing programs. Please buy a new computer that works!"  So I showed him how its done and just before I showed him how it is done, he disconnected from screen sharing knowing he was a dumb person who knows when you uninstall a program, it doesn't work. For him, it seemed like he didn't care if it worked or not cause I wasted 45 minutes of his time.. and I wanted to waste even more of his time just to prove him wrong in the right ways.

After I have done this, my speed tests on Verizon have went up over 800Kbps compared to only 560Kbps seconds before I applied the Optimizer.


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