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Verizon FIOS, WRT54G @ 50% speed, WRT600N @ 100% speed


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Aiight.  So the quick question is, why is the wrt54g giving 50% speed of the wrt600n (test over LAN, not wifi)?

First, I am bypassing the Verizon FIOS MI424WR.  I clone the MAC address of the Verizon router and the routers are off and running on the net just fine.  I have a 20/20 account (20Mbps downstream, and 20Mbps upstream). 

Testing with testmy.net, the Verizon router and wrt600n big momma test identicle.  Great, fast!  But testing with the wrt54g, I get 50% the speeds.  :(

Now your first question would be, "Why use the wrt54g when you got the big honkin' wrt600n?"  Simple: DD-WRT only runs on the wrt54g, and I love my VPN connectivity (not to mention my Linux tools/scripts I built and use).  I love that little sucker.  But for Wifi speeds, I have the wrt600n connected to the wrt54g, and just use it as a wifi point.  Yeah, an expensive one.  But, I am on 5.8GHz speeds with it though.

Your second question may be, "Why use another router at all?  Verizon gives you a great one for free, even with wifi!"  Answer is that router is only 802.11g, and quite restrictive actually.  And, it doesn't have the 5.8GHz radio.  DD-WRT is currently trying to hack it for linux at the moment, so it may be another option down the road.

So there it is.  ANy thoughts to why the wrt54g is 1/2 the speed of the wrt600n over the net?  It's a 100Mbps connect on the WLAN side, as well as the LAN side.  Even though the wrt600n has Gigabit on the LAN (100Mbps on the WLAN), I am only connected via an 100Mbps card over the LAN anyways.  So that theory is shot.

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