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How's it going everyone? Just wanted to check in and say what's up to all of you in the testmy.net community. I also had a couple questions about setting up quality of service on a router that has tomato firmware on it. I check out a couple of blogs and had no luck using other people's settings. I really think it has to do with comcast and their power boost technology. I'm paying for the 16/2 connection which I was told recently by a tech that it was upgraded to 17/2.2. Meanwhile my download and upload speeds aren't even close to what I'm paying for. And my speed test from each site varies so much so that I'm stumped on what to put in for my upload and download values in the general inbound and outbound connection page. If anyone has successfully been able to get tomato qos to work with comcast please share some directions and screenshots as well if it's not too much trouble. Also, just to give you an idea of what's on my network I want all of these things to maintain low pings at all times if possible...2xbox 360s, a ps3, skype video/voice chat, (now for the PC games) dungeon runners, hellgate London, and exteel, windows live mail and of course web browsing. These are all the things that I would like to maintain low pings with if possible. I don't do any type of torrenting or anything so I don't need to set up rules for bittorrent. I also think I should set the xboxes up by mac addresses rather than by ports since the second one uses alternate ports sometimes the traffic doesn't get classified correctly. I've heard l7 filters can slow the router down and I've tested the l7 filter for the xboxes and only half of the traffic would get classified. The only way it seems to get classified correctly is by mac address. Should I classify the ps3 by ports or by mac address? Please inform me if there is a better way to classify the consoles to properly router traffic on my network. I really appreciate all the help I can get. Also, what is a truly accurate way to determine speeds to put in for inbound and outbound limits? Again each speed test on each site is so drastically different so which should I go with? The last thing I would like to know is I have a wrt300N linksys router version 1. I would like to flash ddrwt on this router now that there finally is a stable v24 version for this model of a router. When I flash I can get into the router settings after the flash through the router interface but I get no internet access no matter what I do. Then I reload the linksys firmware on the router and I get internet access again. If there is anyway to get internet access while ddwrt is loaded on the router please let me know. I know this post has lots of question that probably are scattered all over the place and I'm sorry for that. Thanks again!

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