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Replacing laptop screen help

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Hey, recently I busted the screen of my Inspiron e1505 and am looking to just buy the screen to replace it. Right now it has the WSXGA 1680x1050 screen in it. I want to replace it with a WXGA 1280x800 screen, it comes with the new inverter, but Im still not sure if you can replace the screen with a different resolution one. Ive search other forums and everywhere, some people say you can some say you dont want to. Does anyone have any experience with this that can help. Thanks

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I wouldn't even waste my time replacing the screen. You could most likely get a whole new notebook for less then what the screen will cost.

But if you can get it for a decent price and want to replace it, you could do that. The graphics card determines the screen resolution you can use nothing else. You would be fine.

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