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Re: Network DW4000 & Speed

Guest wmmc

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Does a network affect the speed on the DW4000?

Which is better wireless or Ethernet connection?

Anyone running a network with the DW4000?

1. Nope. (had the DW4000 and saw equal speeds).

2. I know nothing about wireless, had a wired LAN shared via ICS.

3. see #1.

Edit: wireless if memory serves me right from another forum it will be a little slower then wired.

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I am running windows xp sp2 with the dw 4000 4.2 software I have noticed the host pc connects at the same speed regardless if it is connected to the router or not...Also the best I can get out of my network pc's is about half of the host pc and wireless is about a quarter.  I am running a belkin  wireless G router with a 10/100 wired ethernet connection.  I think it is because we are sharing the connection instead of connecting directly to the modem

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