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For thoes using Online App's (Unicru) LONG Topic


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Found this good info on taking the Unicru Online Applications.

Unicru Exam Analysis (LONG)

This test, like the famous MMPI, is designed to discern personality from a bank of questions aimed at specific themes. By asking questions negatively and positively in many ways, they hope to pull common themes from the bank of questions. The MMPI, like this test, was an abject failure at its goals. It has long since been discredited at discerning personality. In short, this test is snake oil.

However, how they work is not intuitive, so here is a short lesson followed by my (probably imperfect) analysis and thoughts. The idea here is for others to get a sense of how these tests are put together so if/when they change the test questions the method is still valid.

These tests ask questions about certain themes (here diligence, intelligence, extrovertedness, agreeableness, mental stability, evenness of temper, and reliability). They ask these over and over again 8 or 10 times in random order. Some of these questions they ask in a "positive" or forward order such as "I like all candy." Here, agree might be called for. (SA being wrong as there is an "ALL" in the phrase. This might indicate dishonesty in answering.) They will later ask a negative question based on this or a loose similar idea, such as "I seldom eat candy." Answering agree here would flag you as deceptive, as your answers don't match. It should be disagree, to match. (Or SD)

The problem with these tests arises because of the complexity of communicating short phrases out of context. What if I didn't LIKE candy? I might fail it due to personal prejudice.

This is why the MMPI and all similar tests are no longer used for 'personality' testing by serious scientists. They do, however, if properly created (which this one is, of course, not) and balanced TEND to indicate when someone has certain mental aberrations.

That being said, I took a few hours to go over the entire test given and explain my answers and illustrate the correlates between the positive and negative questions.

I get rather snarky sometimes, and want to explain in advance that I didn't intend to insult anyone having to take these exams, but was expressing my loathing for so callous an attempt to deny people their rightful chance at a job due to a flawed testing schema. It is immoral and against their ethics as a scientist. It is also selling snake oil.

Please take my results as a matter of seething satire directed at the creators of this 'test'. No one should be made to feel bad at failing a poorly designed exam.

The key:

SA = Strongly Agree, A = Agree D = Disagree, SD = Strongly Disagree

First, the answers. Please scroll past this section for my in-depth analysis.

You expect to succeed in whatever you do SA

You are good at taking charge of a group A

You keep calm when under stress SA

You are somewhat of a thrill-seeker SD

You like to be alone SD

You are well aware of your inner feelings SA

People are often mean to you SD

You get angry more often than nervous SD

You know when someone is in a bad mood, even if they don

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