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Connection going way too slow

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For some reason, when my sister streams video (TV channels) from the "UTV player" it has this ANNOYING habit of making my connection crap. My question is, what's the difference between downloading and streaming? I have an 8 meg connection and yet only this slows it down. people in my house go to youtube, or stream any other videos, but this player in particular slows my connection form 8 meg to slower than dial up. Is there any way to set bandwith limits with my Belkin router; i.e wireless gets half, wired gets half?

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Can she only watch Standard definitions video(TV) instead?

Possibly she is using HighDefinition Video and that will take a bit off your connection.

I might have my numbers a bit off but,,, with TV(IPTV ) over internet, you need a minimum of 7Mbps for two standard definitions IPTV boxes. And if you have two IPTV on at the same time, it can reduce your leftover Internet speed to lets say  800Kbps to 1.5Mbps.

Each HD  IPTV can possibly use at least 3Mbps.  And maybe 2.7Mbps for each box for standard definition.

And the IPTV streaming has a quality of service control that locks out bandwidth for it specifically to prevent buffering.

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