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  1. zalternate


    I'll tell you what. I am tired of dealing with the B.S. of tea party members here, who seek to discredit the truth and facts. Lies and slander against the truth can not be ignored. But thats what tea party fascists do. Discredit people to make them go away. Some people are nice and others are brainwashed by their paranoia. So I am leaving. I may be back in a few months or not. But maybe this place by then, will be tagged as a tea party site on the web. And therefor not of any use, other than speed testing. And I bet the tea party lies and propaganda and slamming down those that will not bend to their B.S. will continue. So you got rid of me and the facts. But I don't really care anyways. Tea Party members will only believe the B.S. that their ministers Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck say anyways. And anyone(while logged in) who wants to block posts of the tea party member lies and manipulation here, can do.... profile, edit my profile, click the profile tab, click manage ignored users, enter mudmanc4 , check ignore posts and ignore personal messages, click save changes. You could also add " Disorderedliberty ", as a one sided political news poster(keeps missing a bunch of data in the articles), of the tea party side of the fence..... Oh but, "you are not allowed to ignore that member", the system says. Goodbye.
  2. zalternate

    Message To All Anti-Americans

    Don't take this as me being a big old Meany, and I am just stating an observation of the facts, but....... I will not argue against delusions(one of your posts showed no proper understanding of the presented speech text, by quoting things that did not happen in it ), so this is the Last reply to your political posts(since you seem to hate facts), until you can put facts behind your lynch-mob style political posts. At the moment, things you post are just yelling at the black guy via taking your orders from the white lady. So don't think your one-sided yelling at me(when I don't respond), via posting bull shit on the boards to fool people into voting for the Rich Peoples Republican party, for fear of fear itself. And parts of Faux news is not facts. Parts of Faux news is a one sided machine for the Tea party, to overthrow a "Democratically elected Government", by modifying facts into farce and drive people into an emotional frenzy bloodbath. Or maybe it is all just to get rid of the black guy? Since a white guy would be no problem at all. Read the below article and ask yourself what it means to you and your thoughts of overthrowing the black guy at all costs. I have none of these. But I do see people on a daily basis who confuse fact and fabricated fiction. And maybe the picture at the bottom is your version of America. Signs of brainwashing. source: http://www.centerforinquiry.net/blogs/entry/religious_and_secular_cults_leaders_and_followers/ click to enlarge
  3. But I still like FireFox better. http://www.mozilla.org/ Source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2368667,00.asp
  4. zalternate

    The ODD worldwide News

    - - - - - - - Well back on-topic of off-topic. I don't know whether to say he's lucky for surviving or if she's a pain in the ass for complaining about her car for 3/4 of the article. Source: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/why_my_car_SIzazbJU4tXzwdB7CVdSsI
  5. zalternate

    The ODD worldwide News

    It is amazing that some of the "trouble" that kids got in to, served them quite well in later life. And if you do it right, you can also get that criminal record sealed, to begin the new job too. I and others grow tired of the masses who afraid of making the police serve punishment for their crimes. In Washington State a teenage girl in lockup barely flips her shoe at the cop outside the open door and he goes all roid-rage on her, bashing her into the wall and floor. And two frightened juries can't make a decision of guilty on him(hung jury). What a crock. Meanwhile if it's civilian doing the exact same assault? Instant jail and conviction in court.
  6. zalternate

    Gulf Oil Rig Explodes Off La. Coast

    Meanwhile some brokers on Wall Street shit their pants. source: http://www.forbes.com/2010/09/02/anadarko-petroleum-mariner-explosion-markets-options-costco.html?boxes=marketschannelnews
  7. zalternate

    Message To All Anti-Americans

    Can we have one that is readable? It's so tiny.
  8. It's called a loophole that G.W. Bush was doing(based on how much money the Vet has), plus not funding the system to it's full potential. Obamas version is give all soldiers healthcare without strings attached. And also increase funding to proper levels. Third quote has some more details. There is so much TeaParty spam on Google searches on this issue. source: http://www.alternet.org/rights/67158/ When you send the soldiers off to do stuff, the Government really should be treating them better. Source: http://www.awolbush.com/ Source: http://wellness.blogs.time.com/2010/09/01/in-iraq-address-obama-gives-nod-to-veteran-health-care/
  9. You guys got the "two tiered" system. Those that have cash money, walk in and get the knife work done pretty quick. Those with health insurance justify their accident and all the non-covered parts in their plans and get their work done. In Canada, people are too 'nice' to sue the government to restore healthcare funding to 100%. 'Nice' being a word of , "just give me a fist full of pain killers and call me a few times to reschedule over the next year or so". Canada tries to keep the two tiered system away. As it would show that they don't fund the current system worth shit.
  10. That was always the funniest running joke line during the G.W. Bush reign. Number two killed. Next week. Number two killed. Next week. Wedding party killed. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2004/may/20/iraq.rorymccarthy No gun firing celebration for them. Judgment, Death. Next week. Number two and maybe a number 3 killed, too many pieces to tell. Next week. Cave full of various numbers killed. And on and on and on. Mission almost accomplished.
  11. And the video of the speech. "Health care for soldiers" whose medical problems were being ignored for too long. And even give the "soldiers a college education" to retrain them. Obama tells the people to "quit bitching at each other and get back to rebuilding America"(instead of other countries). Too much time spent at war, caring for other people and not enough time caring for the U.S. people. A trillion dollars spent at war with borrowed money. To many jobs have been exported overseas in the last ten years.
  12. Finally the money that was hoarded by the CRTC, via an illegal MaBell phone line tax in order to expand VOIP, is being released to help expand wireline Internet to unserved areas(hopefully unserved areas). The CRTC says Bell/Bell Aliant can not just use cellular wireless to expand Internet and has to do it via wireline. This should also allow Telus to expand to more unserved areas as well(other MaBell). So you still have a chance for high speed Internet without the interruptions, that many posts have mentioned, of wireless or satellite. Also see... Source: http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/search/article/1199282
  13. Source: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/090210dnmetimmigstudy.af79582c.html
  14. zalternate

    The ODD worldwide News

    A lot of people never seem to notice, cause they never have had to deal with the police other than a speeding ticket, that the police can and will stop you for no reason at all. Do people try to enforce their Rights and Freedoms when the police set up a RoadBlock? Of course not. For when you do that, you will automatically be 'detained' and the officer will treat you like a criminal until he decides you can go. It's illegal to do, since they had no legal cause to stop you in the first place. The other term is 'obstructing justice' for enforcing your Rights. But since there was no justice to be served, since no crime was committed by you, the cop is just abusing his power. A officer can not just stop you from walking the streets to identify you. He will detain you to try and scare you into providing identification, but he is the actual criminal for doing it. So get his name and sue, since the system is setup to prevent the officer from ever being charged with a crime by the person using the "complaint against police", branch of the police. Thats right. The police investigate themselves or set up an organization that is full of former officers to investigate current officers. But people are so afraid of going to jail on a fake charge. Make the public frightened of the police and the people quickly forget or never learn their Rights and Freedoms. And no full strip searches for a bogus charge(full strip searches are for drug/weapon related crimes). The police really hated that lawyer that they pulled out of a protest, without a crime being committed by the lawyer. The cops got him down to underwear and then he enforced his Rights. About 6 years later he finally got his settlement for the police's illegal detainment of him. Yet no officer served time for the crime. What an awesome legal system we have in Canada. It's one sided to protect the police and harass the innocent. We had a chance to get rid of the murderous RCMP, but the BC government wants to give them a "20 year contract" for abusing and killing more people here. And there is still 1 1/2 years left on their old contract as it is. 5 year terms is a proper contract, and not 20 years. And in BC since the police are so overworked doing speed traps, or watching lesbian sex in lockup http://www.theprovince.com/news/Mounties+investigated+watching+lesbian+jail/3465747/story.html?cid=megadrop_story , the Government is wanting to put the Sheriff(only used for prisoner transfers) as the new speed trap cops. And then for some odd reason, allow border patrol officers to stop and detain people who are not at the border. What a crock. And the sheeple go along with it, while the rest of us get harassed for standing up against it. I bet the anonymous user logs here show many hits from the RCMP IP address due to some Canadian content on here. Can't have the Canadians committing any crimes online ya know. Or dissing the police. Go to a peaceful protest? The police will photograph or video the protesters and then illegally access the digital drivers license photo data base to identify people there. When people photograph or video the police, the police will threaten the person or try to yank the video off of YouTube. Police are public figures in a public setting and therefor subject to public videoing. Disclaimer of not videoing an actual, at the time, undercover officer.
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