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PN Offset on Verizon UM175 (pilot Number)


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PN Offset on Verizon UM175 (pilot Number)

I'm trying to find what tower I'm connected to.

I've figured out the PN OFFSET in the diag screens means what tower I'm connected to ( I think).

When I'm in the city, I get PN 148, which is great, signal is about -43.

At home, I get PN 200, Signal -74.

From what I've read, a tower has three P/N's, one per "sector".

In the reading there is "ACTIVE", "NEIGHBOR", and "CANDIDATE".

The "CANDIDATE" was the one I was on in the city.

The "ACTIVE" one of course, is the one I'm on now.

So, If I drove up to a tower I thought I was on, Would it register all THREE P/N's of the tower????? or would it just depend on what side of the tower I was "drove up to".

Maybe it doesn't matter, because when I get back home, it auto changes to 200 no matter what . . .

Someone know? I read a few tidbits off Jim's site.

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