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Do you use winamp? Want to know how to restore setting easy??


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And Lastly are you feeling Brave  :haha:  I have spent Last few months off and on trying to figure out how to backup my settings in winamp. Googled it bla bla bla. There were other programs I wanted to back up the settings as well. Well I googled forever. Stumbled across a program that MAY just work.

So I tried it. I will be dogged......It worked?? I about fell down. If your gonna try this. Use system restore just in case!!!  I gave this the full run. I mean I have TONS of music on my computer and in winamp. Set system restore. Went to the Plugin Path. Gulp. Deleted the Whole folder. Restarted Winamp. Nothing there where my music once was. So now either I finally figured it out or I am a COMPLETE IDIOT!!  

Ran the install program......It Worked!! Everything came back. Again I about fell down. I used a free program called install creator. It was pretty easy to use. If you want to try it and unsure give me a shout I will walk ya through it. Just do what I did. Cover yourself. Then try it. If this just helps one person. Well worth it. And with this info it should work for other settings you may need to back up. The theory is sound. Just try it. Back up first, Make your install program. Delete the settings. Make sure there gone. then run the program you made. Sorry this so wordy, Im on my 4th cup of coffee :cheesy:..........

I want to add install creator has a simple wizard.  You simply put in the full path of the file you want to back up. Right click hit properties in the box that says path copy and paste it. It will give you other pointless options for license, Icons the next important screen wants  you to put the path to put the files back in. Same as above. Then it makes it. Save it to your desktop. Its just that easy.

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