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memory voltage


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Was wondering if anyone knew of a way to find out what voltage and cas latency ram would be supported in my system, the retailer and motherboard manufacturer "cant find the voltage specifications in there database." Which is making upgrading my ram a harder choice than it should be... :tickedoff:

I believe the best i can use is 8 GB's(2 GB's max allowed in each slot) of 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) and the motherboard supports dual-channel support on four DIMMs, so I will be getting two dual channel 4 GB(2 GB x 2GB) kits, but what I select would depend on the voltages supported.

Was also wondering if since there are no options to adjust ram latency settings(damn OEM BIOS), would the new ram actually boot up with what it is rated at?

The computer is a eMachines ET1331G-03w, product support page:


And from what an eMachine tech told me the motherboard is a OEM gateway motherboard, Part Number: 4006278RECS MCP61PM-GM NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE Motherboard, whose support page would be here:


Which is no help as it has no voltage information, it actually has outdated information on the ram, since 64 bit operating systems can handle more then 4 GB's of ram. And there is conflicting statements from gateways support and eMachine's support on the PCI slot. Gateway's website lists one PCI Express

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