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Latest Android and iPhone apps for the Holidays


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The holiday season is here and people are always plotting out the ways go get the new smart phone. Many people are just sticking to their old smart phones, however, because in many ways smart phones are becoming like computers. It is not so much about the hardware upgrade. It is all about the software.


Weight Loss Apps

More weight loss apps will start popping up on smart phones because more people eat a lot around the holidays. This is what has become a big deal for more people as lot more food is prepared for the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas is a big deal for families. All sorts pies and cakes come out along the holidays. Big meals encourage people to eat, but more calorie counters help people stay on track.

Travel Apps

Everyone is hitting the road for the holidays. Apple released a new iPhone app for their maps because they were moving away from the Google Maps. The problem, however, is that this map app did not work so well. The new update became an issue with new iPhone 5 users. That is why the iPhone users moved back to the Google Map apps.

The growing demand for travel apps has expanded and made people a lot less interested in buying GPS navigation systems. People are also using travel apps for holidays and finding cheap gas. This is the best way to get around the city or travel from state to state.

Music Apps

The world has listened to Pandora for several years without commercials. Pandora became an app for mobile users and there was a switch. Advertisements were added to the free version of this software. It became apparent that more people would take interest in the premium commercial free app. This what way inspired many people to switch. Others may be checking out the other music apps that are out there.

Spotify and I Heart Radio have become some really nice apps. People have taken to these apps because they provide a different source of music from all over the world. This is great for home or travel.

Video Player Apps

Android phones play videos in different formats. The iPhone has always been a big deal, but people don't like the fact that it only plays MP4 video. This is just the standard though. This can be tweaked thanks to new apps like XTreme Player and VLC Streamer. People can add files to be shared to these applications. All of this can help people play files from different video formats.

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