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Cheers [and thanks] to VanBuren, Jeers to Verizon.net


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Nice speed if you like being the "best of the worst".

Don't know how I scored above the cap.  Probably just mathematical calculations. 


(a) faster than dial-up,

(B) I don't get dropped and

© I still have much more disdain for Comcast cable than for Verizon (but they came close this time) so, as much as I would like to be faster and still feel a bit snookered by their marketeers, this is livable for $30/month. 

Does anyone know the details about DSL wire length vs. speed capabilities ?  They say max lengt h is 18K ft (but only for 768/128) and that 1.5/384 is only up to 11,000 ft.  (beyond that you get too many errors on the line).  Can anyone verify that ? (or is Verizon blowing smoke again) ?

I guess the only way to see about getting 1.5/384 is approaching Verizon through the backdoor and not through the "normal [DSL group] channels as I did in order to get DSL in the first place.

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