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Internet Download/Upload speed


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PING = query (another computer on a network) to determine whether there is a connection to it.


          = Ping (networking utility), a computer network tool used to test whether a particular                   host is reachable across an IP network

         = The time for the round trip of a command to reach a destination then come back.


        =  If you are on  your computer, and go to  start / run / and then type in cmd then hit enter or                    press OK , you will go to the command box.

       =   If your settings are at default then you can ping another computer so long as you are on the                 internet with an IP address or the domain address. For example ping nrgbinary.com  or ping       are the same thing almost.


  Then put in ping   www.nrgbinary.com  and you will get a slightly different result.

  The ping time is the time for the command to leave your computer and go to the address and come     back.

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Why there is a large difference in Uploading n download from different Internet Providers
Telstra. IPrimus, iinet, Optus, TPG, Dodo,Others?


Your internet connection is made up of your computer, your router, switch, or modem, the line to the exchange, [ if you are on cable then the NODE you are on, if you are on an ADSL or similar then the DSLAM you are on] and the line

to the Hosts Server array, and then the link from the Hosts server array to what ever destination computer, that does through other computers.


adsl =  computer --- modem ---- line ---- exchange --- DSLAM ---link to Hosts computers----link to other computers to other links.


Hence if you put into the command box --  tracert  www.nrgbinary.com  you will get all the computer links + IP with times attached.

tracert = trace route


​The differing download speeds is subject to the number of things, one is the number of connections on the subscriber side of the DSLAM, and the number of connections on the HOST side of the DSLAM. 

For example Optus may put 8 people on the subscriber side, and only one connection on the HOST side which means that all share the one connection to Optus. If all are on line then the download speed is cut down accordingly.


Also the "line speed" of your line to the DSLAM will also affect the download speed.


Also the congestion in the HOSTS computers [Optus or another.]

Also the speed of the computer at the far end that you are talking to, and everything in between,   look at the tracert command.


Then there is what the computers do to your download while in progress, one thing they can do is called stepping, where if you start a download of which your maximum is 30Mbps. The Hosts computer can say ---- the first 10 seconds will be at 5 Mbps, the second 10 seconds is at 15 Mbps, the third 10 seconds is at 20 Mbps and the 4th 10 second is at 25 Mbps, and the 5th 10 seconds is at 30 Mbps.


Then there is priority, if you pay for a higher download or premium service you may be mixed with others of lesser services, and hence get more downloaded at their expense. Usually though these premium services are on a different DSLAM setup with less subscribers or more HOST connections giving a better download ratio.


Line speed is the allowable line speed between the Modem and the DSLAM in the exchange.

Line speed remain usually fairly standard, but faults that develop can give the illusion of "slow line speed" where the fault is 

minimum download. The best example is this, my internet connection is an ADSL, on copper to the local exchange, which connects to the DSLAM for access to the HOSTS computer network and then to the Internet or were-ever.


One day it takes two minutes to turn over an internet web page, and stays that way. I complain to the Local HOST company being ABC Internet providers, they look at the line speed and say " Your line speed in all instances from the date of the complaint, has been at 25 to 27 Mbps, we at ABC Internet providers can only assume that your equipment [ computer] is at fault and not the line " so they do nothing leaving you with virtually no service.

This is incorrect.

Line speed is the speed that a connection will function at, and download is the through put of data to your hard drive that is assumed by the connection to be error free.A fax is analogous to a Digital connection.

The data sent is sent in packets with a header and a parity count for each line sent in the packet. If the cct receives a packet it checks the parity and if correct will say to the other end " send the next information"  if indeed there was a problem with corruption, the parity is usually wrong and the receiving end will say " send again" , if the fault is a bad one then the whole of the day can be spent with the cct operating at "full speed " trying to download one packet of information and failing. [ receiving end will say " send again"  a billion times.] 


​This explains why a transmission circuit can be operating at "full speed almost" yet having virtually no download.


Definition of:Internet speedInternet speed.

The performance of an Internet connection, which is based on the number of bytes per second that data travels from the user's device to the Internet (upload) and from the Internet (download). Depending on the type of connection, the speed differs dramatically.



Definition: To transfer files or data from one computer to another.To download means to receive; to upload means to transmit. [ To transfer data from the hard drive or memory of one computer to the hard drive or memory of another computer, so that the data is an exact duplicate of the original.]

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