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Tele2 Speed Test - FTP!

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I was reading another forum and saw a reference to a Speed Test site operated by TELE2. It allows to connect by FTP to easily test the upstream with any number of connections as chosen in the FTP client. Most other sites only allow to test the download speed. I like this very much because I am not a fan of modern "web 2.0 / cloud" technologies. They are often a bottle neck, especially if the browser is tasked with several threads of work at once.

You can also verify that the FTP client settings (buffers, windows) are good if experiencing poor speeds your seed box or another server.

Currently TELE2 have several servers all in Europe:

- Austria, Vienna

- Germany, Frankfurt

- Lithuania, Vilnius

- Netherlands, Amsterdam

- Sweden, Gothenburg

- Sweden, Stockholm

At the moment the U.S. site appears to be down.

" Speedtest is run on a number of fast servers in locations throughout Europe connected to Tele2's international IP core network with 10GE. The address speedtest.tele2.net is anycasted, meaning that you should automatically be served by the server closest (network wise) to your location. "



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Data Throughput - LTE - Software Tools

Recommends to use either IPERF or FileZilla. Site includes instructions how to configure FileZilla for high throughput.

TELE2 servers can also be used to test the performance of our FTP Server via FXP. They do not allow connections from arbitrary IPs as expected, so we need to initiate the operation from a Client on the same machine (IP) where the Server is.


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