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Home networking. sharing files in a workgroup (please help)


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i just jorned two computers on my network as a workgroup.

I have a wireless-G linksys broadband router connected to a cable modem (motorolla surfboard 4100)

1. my computer includes windows XP pro, wireless-B pci card, Sis 900 based pci fast ethernet but  i disable it because i have a wireless connection.

2. the family computer includes windows XP HE, intell R pro/100 VE network connection

i joined them together  on the same workgroup on my network. the thing is that my computer has the wireless pci card and the family's pc is connected diredtly to the wireless router. last night i was able to view and share files on both computers and now i can  only view all the shared files on the family's computer but when i go to my computer, i can only view the shared files that 's on my computer and not on the family's computer. when i try to view the files in the family workgroup on my computer, a message said that " Family is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource.  contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission. the network path was not found

it seems that  i can access everything through the families computer

1. is it cause the families computer is connected directly to the router and not a wireless pci card?

2. is it cause i have wireless-B pci card on my computer on a wireless-G router?

i can only access my shared files on my local network. i dont know if i provided enough information to get some help but if anybody is familiar with wireless and home networking please take your time and see  if u can help me.

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never mind i finally figure out why i couldn't check the files on the families computer that's on my network on my computer. the thing is that i have a personal firewall i install on both system. my computer trusted the families computer ip address but not mine. i had to go in that firewall and manually enter the ip address that i want my computer to trust. after 192 tries i finally figure it out.

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