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Terry McAdams

Difference in Mac and Windows test results

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On the same networks, I get a significantly slower upload speed between Windows 7 desktop speed tests and those on my Mac. 


My customer's ISP plan is 75 x 37 shared fiber. 


4 windows machines on gigabit Ethernet get the following results. 



25-30 Mbps Down 1-1.2 Mbps Up


60-70 Mbps Down 5-6 Mbps Up

ISP's speed test

70-75 Mbps Down 33-35 Mbps Up


My MacBook Pro gets the following on the same network.



35-40 Mbps Down 15-20 Mbps Up


60-70 Mbps Down 30-35 Mbps Up

ISP's speed test

70-75 Mbps Down 33-35 Mbps Up

My MacBook Pro gets significantly higher upload speeds on TMN. On Speedtest.net the Windows results are better, just no where near the 37Mbps they are paying for. 
I have tried 2 other routers and, of course, verifying that no firewall rules are in place. Working with the ISP's tech support, we tried different IP addresses (static and DHCP) on the WAN port as well. Nothing is popping out at us that would be causing this. 
It's been a while since I have run TMN speed tests. But, I know that they have always had upload results much better than this. 
Last night, I manually clocked an FTP upload/download to/from their server to my host gator web space with great results. 
514MB file
2 min to upload -- about 35 Mbps
50 sec download -- about 75 Mbps
Based on this, I am confident the ISP service is within an acceptable range.
Does anyone have any ideas why the windows computers are showing significantly slower results on TMN than a MacBook Pro?

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