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Stumped in Farm Country over Signal


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1. How come the wheel in upper left corner just spins real fast on tests but when on internet with Hughes. It runs Slow Motion and always have to reload?

2. I have CCleaner and constantly have to run cleaner just to get any speed out of my service. Plus the internet shows on CCleaner logs that I don't have internet for one to 5 minutes, then it has it again. This goes on like a time occurrence. This happens also while I'm on net. It stops like loading than a time latter later it starts again. 

3. Got Gen4 right off the bat so I wouldn't have any issues like a land line. I pay 129.00 a month just for internet. It worked just fine for about 2 years than like it started to slow down and had trouble with Video's on YouTube. I've called repeatedly and now they have Gen5 and they have had it for 2 years. It just don't make any sense. I could get land line but sure that is slow for YouTube. Time Warner is about 1 mile away. They say that can't come this way because they are in some contract with the other internet providers. They did come out and checked it out for me. The Engineer talked to me about it at that time. Stumped here in Farm Country. If anyone can put some light on the subject would greatly appreciate it.

4. I've had Hughes Net Gen4, 5 years now. Hughes net told me this week that they had a gen5 that would be faster and cost me 80.00 a month.  Have they been ripping me off for 3 out of 5 years I had Gen4 and just slowing it down?  Than created Gen5 that was really Gen4. The less money to 80.00 and not 129.00 may be, because they no I'm so upset about it and told them if they can't give me my original gen4 than they can come get their equipment. I've been out of Contract for 3 years. 

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