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Hello guys I am trying to find out solutions to improve my connections understanding all complexty would be that argument,

Now I am here to ask about any.

I want to understand the causes of my connection every year Loose so much quality and stability , company don't get any providence to fix it out ,In Italy We have cooper wire from central over broadband cabin to home.

   My contract is for a 20mb in Downl and 1up. I thinking I am about 600mt from central from calcs, but another site gives me it's about 37km in another city, on central assistence they tell me it about 3km  last year We made over 2.0 mb/s of download speed average was 1.8 and up 0.8up over 1.2 up now is  7-1,2mb/s on down and 0.3mb/s over 0.7mb/s some time get 1.0mb/s we changed twice modem I change tripolar Pins socket to RJ11 

Updates soon







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