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Compare testmy.net between PC, Laptop, Android

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I have 100mbps Spectrum internet and I have 802.11ac adapters with excellent signal on my laptop and on my desktop PC.

They are both connected via 5G wireless (but also tested with direct ethernet connection - see below).

In each case testmy.net reports no more than 5 mbps. If I connect using hardwire, I still get no more than 5 mbps using testmy.net. 

If I use OOKLA on each device I get approx 33 mbps.


Next, I open the internet on my Android phone on 5G connection and go to testmy.net. Now testmy.net measures 101 mbps!

OOKLA measures 118 mbps.

Here's the results...

DEVICE                                         TESTMY.NET                   OOKLA

Android (5G)                                 101 mbps                     118 mbps

Desktop PC (5G, 802.11ac)              5 mbps                       33 mbps

Laptop PC (5G, 802.11ac)                5 mbps                       33 mbps

It looks to me like my 802.11ac adapters on two different computers are limiting my speed. I have scoured the internet looking

for solutions including TCP Optimizer, but nothing has any affect. My resource monitor in Windows 10 confirms almost exactly what

testmy.net reports (about maximum of 5 mbps). Does anyone have an idea of how to proceed? Does the PC processor, etc have 

an affect on network speed?



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