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Crowdsource WiFi/Cell stats for travelers: campsites/hotels

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I work on the road.  We TRY to choose campsites for our motorhome based on the chance of having adequate WiFi or cell coverage.  WiFi at RV resorts is usually (but not always) inadequate; the coverage varies wildly among sites within the campground; and the proud claims on their websites are not a useful source of reliable information.  Cellphone coverage maps don't account for local conditions (or average traffic on the local towers).


My wish is for a db in the cloud, managed by testmy.net, which allows me to look up a campground (or hotel), scope out the REAL speeds on either WiFi or any of the cellphone carriers (I'm Verizon) at different campsite numbers (or hotel rooms) and at different times on different days of the week.


The obvious first requirement (beyond the cloud DB itself) would be some optional fields to associate with my speed report:  Campground/hotel name, homepage url, street address, lat/long, room or site number.  


My DREAM is for a testmy.net iPhone App that could automatically use GPS to supply the lat/long and maybe infer the name and street address of the campground/hotel.  Perhaps there would be a way to place that pin on a google map and, with satellite view, I could see which site number some of the scores came from.  Maybe even a hyperlocal heat map if there were lots of scores.  (RV resorts often allow you to request specific site numbers when you make a reservation.)


The closer we can come to a single button push, the more of a crowd we can expect to contribute.


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